After reading this article, don't dare dilly-dally again!

Now China almost per capita a mobile phone, go out with a mobile phone, in addition to phone calls, is the Internet shopping, chatting WeChat QQ, online shopping, too much business, traffic is not enough. There are so many smart people that the first thought is to dilly-dally, and who doesn't like it when it's free? There is no such thing as a free lunch, and there was once a media report about a woman who held a sign in front of McDonald's to protest that $2,000 had been transferred from her bank account for using public WIFI to access the Internet. What is this all about and why is dabbling risky too? 1.Hackers will "phish" through free WIFI. Businesses now offer WiFi access, and to prevent dabbling, they also set passwords. The hacker will then offer a free WiFi access point with a name similar to the merchant, but without a password to attract internet users to access it. For example, near McDonald's, hackers will build their own WiFi name just named McDonald_Free, and these people who stop to take a break are likely to become phishing targets. Once connected to this WiFi hotspot, all packets of your internet access, will be forwarded through the hacking device, all this information can be intercepted and analyzed, some unencrypted communication can be viewed directly, the hacker can easily know what you have done online. Being online for free is like running naked on the Internet without any privacy. And usually many users bank and social accounts are the same password, hackers will be able to intercept the information and obtain your money account password by crashing the bank.

2.Maybe the dabbler itself is a trap! When you install and open this dabbler for the first time, the sharing hotspot is automatically checked on the guide page and automatically backed up, sharing the WIFI password that was used to the cloud without you noticing. When users return to their homes and connect to their own WiFi, the password is automatically shared out, which is the reason why there will be a lot of connectable WiFi after the dabbler. Hackers will then be able to monitor phones, computers and other devices connected within the network and gain access to your privacy.

I can't believe it's so dangerous to dabble in the Internet. What should we do? First, don't dabble with WIFIs that require too much personal information to register, and second, try not to do online shopping or online banking when using WiFi in public places. Third, develop good WiFi usage habits. Your phone will automatically connect to WIFI with the same name, so turn WiFi to the lock screen in public places and stop connecting automatically to ensure that your phone does not connect to WIFI from unknown sources. Sounds so complicated, so scary oh, never dare to dilly-dally again, all with mobile phone traffic forget!

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