"Algorithm" Jitterbug, "community" Meipai, who can win the short video content upgrade war?

So far in the start of 2018, short videos are still in full swing. From the watermelon video "million heroes" crazy coins, to shake the sound during the Spring Festival user surge, and then to the recent regulatory rectification problems out, the battle can be described as ups and downs.

In a battlefield where the general players are all high-flying, short videos like Jitterbug, Racer and Volcano are acting in a breeze, the only difference may be only Meipai, the former big brother who, after a brief technical upgrade, didn't even switch out its own double column feed stream design as speculated. In a recent interview with the product team, Meipai re-emphasized the positioning of "interest community", seemingly as a painless response to its rival, but in fact the two camps are following very different paths.

The very different attitudes of the products reflect the balance between "content efficiency" and "content quality" that the whole industry has reached a certain stage of development. Jitterbug represents the blood and guts of the fast food camp, while Meipai takes a bit more steady steps and is more determined in its direction.


Big data and algorithmic direction determine the fate of content

The long strides in AI have led to greater big data mining capabilities. However, intelligent algorithms are mostly a centralized information input process, and the machine's ability to learn is based on past experience. The value of AI is on the one hand named accurate recommendations, and on the other hand there is the contradiction of changing user demands that are difficult to weigh. For a fledgling short video platform, the initial philosophy guiding the platform determines the tone of the content, and the further forward the platform goes the harder it is to change this tone. Therefore, the battle for the future of short video can again be described as a battle between algorithms and content tone.

1, the overall tone of the content, which forms the basis of the incremental user model

This year's Spring Festival, Jitterbug short video became the biggest winner, Jitterbug in DAU reached 30 million, its daily activity growth rate is still strong, and the beauty of the year when the first debut continued to reign in the APP STORE list of the first sitting, Jitterbug like the strong vitality of the vine like Man stretched around the world. At the same level, Jitterbug's biggest competition is Racer. The most impressive thing about Racer, which has more than 80% of its users after 90 years, is that "life, there is no high or low. The slogan "Everyone deserves to be recorded" is the most poking the hearts of the majority of users, frequently on all kinds of Top list; while Jitterbug started with the crowd positioning is in the first two tier cities of young groups, from "young people's music short video community" to "record the good life", apparently the tone of Jitterbug has also become "record" based, which means closer to life and civilian, but seems to have grabbed the suspicion of fast hand market.

In the context of Jitterbug's brutal growth, Meipai appears to be on the downside, but in Rattle's opinion, this may be Meipai's active choice. Meipai has gone through the road that Jitterbug is going to take, has passed the user increment period, the amount of users is relatively stable, and instead has a clearer product attitude. Perhaps the biggest difference with Jitterbug is that Jitterbug uses dramatic "performances" to get people's attention, while Meipai uses the "things gather by class, people by group" mindset to define community boundaries. We can see that not all of the recommended content on Meipai's home page fits the model of "explosive" and "strong retweetability", but more of the content is about beauty, food, crafts and other topics that are relatively everyday but meet the "interest" needs of users, so that users can always gain something when watching Meipai.

The overall tone of this content, Meipai is based on Meitu's consensus reached through several years of algorithmic accumulation, undoubtedly more attractive to high net worth young women in first and second tier cities, which in turn is difficult to surpass in the short term by Jitterbug.

2, after the rapid expansion of content efficiency and the number of users, the battle of short video content quality will definitely come

The "life" of Racer and the "performance" of Jitterbug are designed to maximize the growth of the number of users. With the help of universal participation, Jitterbug can greatly improve the efficiency of content even without the effort of UGC. However, the recent frequent incidents have also exposed the flaws of this barbaric growth. Ringing Bells believes that content security is a systemic project and that each platform is shouldering a lot of pressure, and we need to give the industry more confidence and time to overcome it.

In fact, we can already see that the social responsibility awareness of pan-entertainment information platforms has picked up slightly under the supervision of government departments, with reports that as of April 6, all short video products under Today's Headlines had 10,318 problematic videos and blocked more than 5,000 live broadcasts of vulgar rubbish issues. Racer CEO Suhua even issued an apology, saying that he will use the right values to guide the algorithm and prioritize the recommendation of personalized positive works that are more in line with users' interests.

The defeat of "vulgar LOW" reflects the victory of "user traffic giving way to content quality". As Suhua reflected, "personalization", "interest" and "positive energy" will be the future of short video development. With the logic that the greater the capacity the greater the responsibility, content upgrade is a phase that all platforms that have grown up on a brutal path need to go through, but the impact of this on the industry as a whole is positive.

3, the user's reading mode tends to tag, the industry competition will eventually return to the strength of the relationship chain

After experiencing the rise of Meipai, the fall of Crypto, the boom of Jitterbug and the rectification of Racer, we found that the acquisition of traffic in the Internet does not seem so mysterious, but "playing the world" and "sitting on the mountain" are ultimately two different things. There are no absolutely loyal users in the market, especially in the short-form video space where the cost of substitution is near zero, and the last laugh is always with the companies that have a clear positioning, planning and management of their platform content.

Users' needs are always changing, and algorithmic recommendations make users' reading patterns tend to be labeled, on the one hand, users are more inclined to dig their own inner needs, on the other hand, users also want to be able to gain, so the industry competition is ultimately to return to the relationship between users and users, users and the platform to operate.

First, the weak relationship between users is an important factor influencing user disloyalty, especially when the content homogenization is more obvious, the continuous output of quality content, without the premise of a reliable business model incentives, is seemingly weaker. Some analysts claim that users of IOS apps have shown a high level of loyalty to quality content, as seen in the list of popular IOS apps published by AppAnnie; the

Secondly, a strong relationship between user and user, user and platform must be based on some kind of benefit value, either, to be able to commercially reward or to reap growth, and strong stickiness is best built on both. It is much more expensive for content providers to keep users interested than to create content in a community of the same interest.

Therefore, the establishment of a strong relationship chain is the way out for all industries, in terms of the short video industry, the real combination of the efficiency of the content of the pan entertainment information and the quality of the content of the vertical field is also a matter of great test of wisdom and ability, beauty beat proposed "interest community" is also considered to do the right thing at the right time, after all, in the fierce competition in the industry, to retain users with strong social relationships is the same as consolidating water and soil for the big tree.

At this point, Ringer also noticed an interesting tidbit about the "Ilike Beauty" campaign that was launched after the completion of the Meitei upgrade. Many users have left messages on Meipai's public number, saying that Meipai has accompanied them for 4 years in college, that they opened their own studio in Meipai, and that they found a love partner in Meipai. For a product, perhaps the emotions of the users are something to brag about more than traffic and streams.


Linking pan-entertainment and vertical categories or a way out for content creation

It's still quite difficult to open up the chain of pan-entertainment and vertical categories. It is relatively difficult for models like Jitterbug and Racer, which are positioned in a pan-entertainment "life" perspective. The problem lies in the development process, such products may encounter the danger of "bad money expelling good money", and simply rely on algorithmic recommendations, over time, it is possible to block out the content that users are really interested in, and then the Matthew effect, ringing is not optimistic that such a product can take up the mission of industry optimization.

Comparatively speaking, Meitou does have an inherent advantage in that it relies on Meitou to grow up. But it's too early to say that Meipai has taken on this mission, because Meipai's user base is too limited to women, and even expansion will take a long time and a lot of effort. Of course, you can't rule out that Meipai has such ambitions and pursuits, because Meipai is indeed a team that is very good at resource integration and structural planning, and is now doing such a thing.

1、 Aggregate interest in the segmentation of deep plowing, absorbing accurate traffic

Jitterbug's hot, the middle does carry a lot of operational thinking, Jitterbug's "seaweed dance" on the "dramatic poison", and the launch of the topic is also in the aggregation of interest, its social civilian features do realize the short video social platform "decentralization" of the core concept of technology-driven mining user interest points, simple and direct is his advantage, to enjoy entertainment, the purpose has been achieved. However, the low threshold for topic participation also limits the platform's ability to absorb accurate traffic, and may not leave many people behind once the heat is over, which makes the business model slightly ambiguous.

The strategy of Meipai is actually to guide the users of existing plates to "bloom" themselves and seek a sense of belonging in the bloom. In this case, the process of execution uses a systemic thinking of the whole industry chain. For example, in the field of dance, Meipai gathered the platform's high-quality resources and integrated upstream and downstream resources in the dance field with a series of initiatives to create a strong identification of dance short video tags, match the videos that match the users through the recommendation algorithm, and predict and cultivate new interests, aggregating users based on common interests through content distribution, strengthening the stickiness between users and users; internally, it also became a bride linking the experts and brand businesses through the "M Plan". Therefore, the fundamental point of the industry chain is to be able to find a value point, and do deep and thorough the entire industry chain, compared to the needle in a haystack of pan traffic, absorbing accurate traffic to do the circle of life is not a very good direction.

2. MCN model aggregates content creators at scale and taps more innovative talents

Related professionals believe that the sustained TO C capability brought by personification is the focus of the shuffle in the short video field in 2018. The most fundamental thing about content creation is to influence the C-sides of the content, the commercial operation is rather secondary, and the biggest challenge at the level of short video content is the continuous output of works of interest to users. The relationship between commercial operations and content quality is the opposite for content creators, and thus, it comes down to incentives for content creation.

MCN's strategic partnership is no stranger to everyone; the BAT giants have all made such decisions in the content creation space. The biggest benefit of MCN is the scale effect, which can pool industry resources to provide a more systematic service, thus providing a guarantee for creators to continuously output content, but with the difference that this mechanism can retain the relative independence of creators. Weibo and Meipai have already launched MCN programs, and I believe more platforms will try this model in the future to improve the efficiency of managing content producers.

The competition between beauty and the new darling Jitterbug may not be able to look at the number of users, the smoke filled short video jungle, beauty with "bloom" way of aggregating interest body to create the beauty of life, and Jitterbug with "catharsis" way of recording the beauty of life, the height and direction of the two left the industry to continue to explore.

Source|New Sprout NewSeed

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