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All Out Attack internal test server crashes players say they can't access the game

Recently, All Out Attack half pushed and sort of started the in-game beta, so why is it half pushed? First of all, the internal beta has been dragging on for almost two months now and is just now coming in late. Secondly, this internal beta is arguably not very player-friendly, with many restrictions on model requirements and only a handful of Android models available for reservation, which can be a very small number of players to draw. Furthermore, the official response to not actively live-streaming the insider test footage, but also banning the live-streaming of the anchor who drew the insider test, is that the poor quality of the folk's live-streaming images is likely to cause misunderstanding among viewers.

These are a series of measures that are clearly designed to keep most people from seeing the inside screen. I unintentionally saw in the All Out Game Circle today that a player posted a tirade about All Out. This player's phone model happened to be the official one allowed and was also lucky enough to be officially drawn, but unfortunately, after downloading the installer, a notification like this popped up.

This lucky player was told that he could not participate in the full army insider test because the birth island was full.

In the comments section, officials say that server capacity is limited and suggest players try again tomorrow. Below i.e. players say they can't get in the game at first and wait until the early hours of the next morning to swipe in. I can deduce that there should be a number of lucky players who were drawn who were unable to get into the full army to experience the in-game beta.

Why is it that other games have no problems in their internal tests, but such serious problems happen in the All Out Attack internal test? I guess that one of the reasons, the internal game server of All Armies Out is extremely unstable and small capacity, although the official has tried to limit the number of people in the internal test, still can not solve this problem. The second reason is that the whole army is forced to carry out internal testing due to the pressure of public opinion, and there are still many imperfections on the actual game, so in order not to be discovered by the players, it can only be given to a small number of players within the controllable range of internal testing. I think that Tamiya has already been cocked up by a small internal test, it is hard to imagine how to hold up an entire chicken game that claims to be a replica of Jedi survival in the future?

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