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All this talk about AI phones, what really is an AI phone?

Dec. 22, 2017 - It's been 61 years since the concept of "artificial intelligence" was born, and over the years those directors have made many science fiction movies around AI, which has become an important way for the public to understand it. Many people therefore believe that any AI that fails the Turing test is not really AI.

But that's just the fallacy that movies give people; in reality AI has strengths and weaknesses. Strong AI is as shown in the movies, though it may take until the beginning of the next century to work it out. Weak AI may have a "weak" name, but it can also bring unimaginable changes to smartphones.

There are already a lot of AI phones on the market, more precisely they all belong to "weak AI phones". According to scientists, weak artificial intelligence is closely related to "machine learning" and "neural network engines".

On Apple's website, this is how Apple describes artificial intelligence: "There is a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning, which means that computers are allowed to learn by observation. The neural network engine is hardware developed specifically for machine learning that not only performs the high-speed operations required by neural networks, but also has outstanding energy efficiency. "

In terms of specific applications, Apple explains it this way: "The neural network engine in the A11 Bionic chip features a dual-core design that can recognize people, places and objects. "More intuitively, Face ID has autonomous learning capabilities that allow Face ID to accurately identify users even if their appearance changes over time.

Apple also combines an optical image stabilization lens with machine learning technology that intelligently detects various elements of a scene, such as people, motion states, and lighting conditions, so that photos can be optimized before the user even presses the shutter.

Therefore, a true AI phone should not only have an AI chip, but also have the corresponding application scenarios. In fact, the domestic ivvi phone released its first smart 3D phone, the ivvi K5, back in April this year. This phone has a built-in intelligent GPU acceleration chip that accelerates 3D image rendering in real time, refusing to lag, and also allocates energy wisely to save power.

In addition, ivvi K5 is equipped with a human eye tracking camera called "EYE-TRACKING", which can intelligently track the user's eyes, follow the user's eye line of sight, and automatically adjust the best visual angle, so that the user's eyes are always in a comfortable state when looking at the screen.

It is reported that ivvi mobile phone will rely on the parent company's leading technology in the field of computational vision, with image recognition, intelligent 3D, computational vision and other breakthroughs, focusing on the layout and development of AI, AR, VR and other fields. At the same time, there is news that ivvi will release a phone with AI and AR functions based on advanced technologies such as computational vision and deep learning, combined with naked eye 3D, bringing a new way of human-computer interaction to consumers.

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