All-inclusive Surprise - OutlawRR2180 Stereo Power Amplifier

Liko represents the new Qutlaw

Qutlaw isn't that simple.

Showing the value for money advantage

Lico Audio is the agent of the new Outlaw audio brand, according to the person in charge of this brand is not so simple as made in China, or a little bit of origin! The team and core engineers who designed this product are the designers of the original Lexicon RV-5, MV-5 and JBL AV-2. After leaving Lexicon, they then formed Outlaw. The R R2150 stereo power amplifier, which has a power capacity of 100W per channel, has been widely acclaimed and recommended for three consecutive years by Stereophile, the leading audio magazine in the US, thanks to its excellent price and comprehensive performance. Outlaw is back to cater for a wider range of uses and a more powerful performance with the latest R R2180 stereo power amplifier, made by a Chinese manufacturer, which is cost and price wise.


Specifications: Stereo power amplifier

Power: 2×125W (8Ω load)

Analog input: 7 x RCA (including MM/MC phono), 3.5mm (Aux) input

Digital input: 2 x USB-A (front panel and back panel), support for mobile storage devices

1×USB-B (PC digital signal access, driver required)

2× optical input, 2× digital coaxial input, 1× RJ45 (network radio)

Other features: DLNA, FM/AM radio broadcasting

Enhanced models Higher power

Outlaw Audio's design philosophy is to offer quality products at a low price. All equipment is designed in-house and finished through their designated manufacturers, and then sold exclusively through their website. The business is a bit like the Dell or Gateway of the computer world, and its bold and innovative style has been well received by foreign customers. However, the public can't resist the desire for good products, and it is known that a local distributor has seen the advantages of Outlaw Audio products and decided to introduce Outlaw Audio audio and video products for local audio fans, including a new integrated receiver amplifier RR2180, which is definitely a good sound for local fans.

The model RR2180 is a very impressive integrated receiver amplifier, crafted by the former Lexicon RV-5 designer and an advanced version of the current Outlaw Audio best-selling model RR2150, with an increase in continuous output power from 2 x 100w of the RR2150 to 2 x 125w (20Hz to 20kHz, 8Ω) and a total step distortion of less than 0.05%.

Thoughtful and diverse input options

The RR2180 features an exceptional number of inputs, with up to seven analog inputs including MM/MC vinyl inputs, four high-level RCAs, and one 3.5mm auxiliary input, allowing users to easily connect all their favorite analog sources. Another powerful feature over its predecessor, the RR2150, is that it features two USB-A inputs for connecting USB storage devices, both of which support high-analysis audio and USB 2.0 devices. A USB-B input is provided on the back front of the unit, allowing users to connect a compatible PC via USB for highly analytical Hi-Fi audio playback, and through its high-quality built-in decoder, music files from the PC, including MP3 music, have better sound effects.

In addition, the RR2180 is equipped with two optical and two coaxial digital inputs, allowing users to directly connect the digital source to the unit through the corresponding wiring and transmit the audio signal to the RR2180 for decoding and playback through digital transmission to enhance the purity of the sound.

Emphasis on connectivity Connecting the world

As a receiver amplifier, this unit naturally has a built-in FM/AM tuner for direct radio listening. But Outlaw Audio didn't think that was enough to satisfy users, so it added a set of Ethernet ports to the RR2180, allowing it to stream Internet radio programs from countries around the world by simply connecting to the amplifier with network cables. The RR2180's Internet radio function is extremely easy to operate, allowing users to navigate with the UP and DOWN arrows, select a category or station with the ENTER button, or press the MENU button briefly to return, etc. The RR2180 also features DLAN connectivity, which allows you to connect to your DLAN media server via a network cable, and then stream music from the media server to the RR2180 via network streaming technology, making it easy to play a huge collection of music files from your DLAN media server, adding endless fun to your home music listening.

Unlimited potential, balanced with tradition

After talking about digital and analog access, the RR2180 has even more terrifying potential, as it enables direct preamp output functionality, allowing the RR2180 to output the audio signal from the preamp control to the newly acquired reamp, which can be used by function switching on the connection, so that the audio signal does not need to go through the built-in reamp amplification. This approach allows users to connect their favorite reamp, or a more powerful one, without being limited to the RR2180's built-in power performance of just 150W per channel.

For some audiophiles, they have a lot of love for traditional functions, such as the use of FM/AM radio, which seems to be outdated nowadays, but many users just like to listen to FM/AM radio for outside information while doing household chores at home. The RR2180 has this "old" feature with a built-in tuner that will give you a high quality radio sound performance.


In fact, the Outlaw RR2180 is much more than that, this machine has a dual SUB subwoofer interface at the back panel, which means that users can achieve 2.2 channels of play, greatly compensating for the shortcomings of the low frequency band, for this back panel is also set to adjust the low frequency gain for users. What's more, the RR2180 also features a 6.35mm headphone jack on the front panel, with a headphone volume adjustment on the side for headphone monitoring or ear playback.

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