An analysis of the new Sword and Sworcery worldview and setting, breeding artificial intelligence with a soul translator

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For the latest in the new Japanese October anime "Sword and Sworcery", Gleaner likes the worldview and various elements related to artificial intelligence and virtual world infiltration techniques in it, and frankly, without these elements in the latest "Sword and Sworcery", the anime should not be able to entice Gleaner to keep following it. As a purely animated viewer of the latest Sword & Sworcery anime Under World chapter, Pickup Jun would like to use this piece to talk about some of his understanding of the new Sword & Sworcery worldview and setting, and if there are any misunderstandings, please go to the comments section and rationally correct the readers of the original light novel.

After the Sword & Sworcery production reached the Under World chapter, Kawahara Gravel wanted to create a whole new virtual world through which a series of virtual world infiltration techniques that were new in the original could be expanded. Under World, a virtual world, was built to breed a large number of artificial intelligences. Kawahara Gravel wanted to design a different kind of artificial intelligence in the Under World chapter. According to what we know, artificial intelligence in the real world is to be improved through continuous machine learning, and it is not yet developed to the point where it can have autonomous consciousness and the ability to upgrade and develop on its own.

And in the worldview and setting of the Under World chapter, the AI cultivated inside Under World is more advanced than the current AI. These AIs can, to be blunt, be considered to be human replicas to a certain extent, it's just that these AIs haven't shown themselves to be self aware of being replicas in the anime's current storyline. The biggest advantage of these AIs is that they don't need technicians to keep feeding them commands as well as programs, they can develop independently, they have self-awareness as replicas, after these AIs are put into Under World for cultivation, the AIs can develop their social system, for these AIs, Under World is their real world.

After picking up some understanding of the worldview and settings involved in the current anime plot, Pickup would interpret the artificial intelligence of these replicants as, first of all, Kawahara Gravel adding settings such as soul translators and shaking lights in this chapter, and Kawahara Gravel's main premise in this chapter is to acknowledge the existence of such a thing as a human soul, and although Pickup feels that this setting is somewhat metaphysical, it is, after all, the main premise of the setting, so it can only be discussed in that direction, as long as the work can be logically self-contained.

The process of generating the first AI in Under World was to find a batch of babies at first, and then copy the shaking light substance inside the brains of these babies through the Soul Translator (STL), and the human soul is contained in the shaking light, and after the replicas got the shaking light, they were equal to getting the baby's soul, and after that these replicas were put into Under World for cultivation.

In Kawahara Gravel's setting, various values in Under World can be artificially adjusted, and these AIs are created for the purpose of completely human-free warfare on the battlefield in the future. In fact, Gleaner feels that this idea is immature, and that once this AI does appear in the real world, it will surely cause a global discussion on ethical issues, just like gene-edited babies. But Gleaner feels that such entertaining light novel works won't explore such profound propositions, after all, for many viewers as well as readers, watching Kiryu and the gang show off their prowess and watching Kiryu and Yugioh interact with various beautiful girls is what matters most.

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