Analysis of phosphate ore production in Jan-Nov 2017: phosphate ore production down 0.1 percent

Phosphate ores are mostly produced in sedimentary rocks, but also in metamorphic and igneous rocks, and with some exceptions, the phosphorus in the mineral is always in the form of orthophosphate, the principal mineral of phosphorus being apatite. Phosphorus is an important chemical material and an essential element for the growth of crops. Industrial phosphorus must be extracted in large quantities from phosphate ores and used to make yellow phosphorus, red phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphate fertilizer, and phosphates. The English name is PHOSPHATEROCK. Molecular formula: 3Ca32- CaR2. China is relatively rich in phosphate resources, with proven resource reserves ranking 3rd in the world after Morocco and the United States. The five provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei and Hunan are the main phosphate resource storage areas in China, with reserves amounting to 9.86 billion t, accounting for 74.5% of the country's total reserves.

China's phosphate ore output was 10.312 million tons in November 2017, down 11.4% year-on-year, according to the CBSI Big Database. China's phosphate ore production from January to November 2017 was 110.407 million tonnes, down 0.1% year-on-year.

Monthly Data Sheet on Phosphate Ore Production and Changes in Growth and Decline in 2017

Data source: CBSI database

According to the China Business Industry Research Institute released China Phosphate Ore Industry Market Outlook and Investment Opportunities Research Report 2017-2022 Data and statistics show that in recent years, the cumulative production of phosphate ore in China has been growing steadily. In particular, the growth rate from 2012-2015 was above 10%, but suddenly dropped to 1.7% in 2016. China's cumulative phosphate ore production in 2016 was 144,398,000 tonnes, up 1.7% year-on-year; China's cumulative phosphate ore production is expected to reach 126,757,000 tonnes in 2017.

Data source: CBSI database

In terms of phosphate ore production in the country's provinces and cities, 10 provinces produced phosphate ore in November, of which, five provinces showed positive growth. The top three regions in terms of phosphate ore production were Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province and Hubei Province. Guizhou Province produced a whopping 4.5543 million tons of phosphate ore in November, ranking first in the country's output. Notably, the top three regions all produced over a million tons, with Guizhou Province leading the country in phosphate ore production!

From the growth rate: the fastest growth rate in November was in Liaoning Province, which produced 11.3 million tons of raw iron ore in November, surging 189.74% year-on-year, followed by Shaanxi Province, with a growth rate of 120% in November.

National ranking of phosphate ore production by provinces and cities in November 2017

Data source: CBSI database

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