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Annual Search List 2017

This year's Baidu Boiling Point national search list is divided into: annual hot search list, annual entertainment list, annual phenomenon list three major list categories, domestic, international, technology, entertainment, people and other 18 areas of sub-list, hot topics 180.

The 18 sub-lists at the top are: opening of Belt and Road Forum, Macron elected as French president, freestyle, AlphaGo vs Ke Jie, Luhan, Zhou Youguang, War Wolf 2, In the Name of the People, Wang Junkai, Luhan Guan Xiaotong announces romance, Feng Moti, Glory of Kings, Red Yellow Blue, iPhone X release, major traffic accident on Xihan Expressway, C919 domestic passenger plane, hair loss after 90, funny emoji

From the overall distribution of topics on this year's list, the most popular topics can be summarized as "China Pride", "Artificial Intelligence", "Anxiety in the Age of Specific People" and "Creative Socialization". Among them, the "pride of China" is mainly expressed in the attention to the "national heavy weapon" such as the domestic passenger plane C919, and the support to the "Chinese innovative power" such as the first intelligent train on the road; "Artificial Intelligence" cares about the impact of AlphaGo vs. Ko Jie, the first smart train on the road, and the impact of driverless cars on the 5th ring road; New terms such as "post-90s hair loss", "thermos" and "greasy middle-aged" reflect the "anxiety of a specific group of people"; The popularity of topics such as funny emoji, Feng Timo and freestyle reflects the new trend of "creative socialization".

The national search list covers all aspects of society, from clothing, food, housing and transportation, to domestic and international current affairs, from culture and entertainment, to economy, science and technology. The list is based entirely on the statistics of Baidu search keyword search data. Through the recording and analysis of massive search data, the attention map of Chinese society is drawn, showing the "social collective memory" of Chinese netizens.

Let's review what the "collective memory" of Chinese netizens was in 2017

Annual Hot List.

Annual Civic List.

Annual Phenomenon List.

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This year's big events of the year are basically here, so to speak... What things do you all feel strongly about? What do you have to say? Feel free to leave a comment.

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