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Another big crash on Tesla Autopilot! A robot was hit and "killed"

Self-driving technology in cars is the big protagonist of the tech world of the future and is the focus of competition between tech companies and car manufacturers. But embarrassingly, the self-driving technology doesn't seem to be reliable yet, with a serious "crash" abroad and a "victim".


Autopilot accident

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla was involved in another self-driving car traffic accident on January 7, and this time the victim was a humanoid robot with a daily rent of $ 2,000 (about 13,700 yuan).

Photo | Tesla founder Musk

The victim robot was a v4 model from Russian robotics company Promobot, which said the accident occurred while the company's engineers were transporting some robots to its booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). During this time, the robot broke away from the group and entered a parking lot driveway before colliding with a Tesla Model S car using Autopilot mode.

Promobot said the accident caused the robot to roll over on its side and be severely damaged. Due to damage to parts of the body, head, robotic arm and motion platform, the robot will not be at the International Consumer Electronics Show and the damage may be irreparable.

"Of course we're angry," according to Oleg Kivokurtsev, the director in charge of robot development, "we brought this robot from Philadelphia to the show. Now it can neither participate in the show nor be repaired" and "we will conduct an internal investigation to find out why this robot went to the driveway."


Hype or coincidence?

Tesla is a leader in self-driving technology, and now it has built a "super factory" in Shanghai, China, which has attracted a lot of attention, but it is also often pushed into the limelight because of accidents involving self-driving, which can be called "success in self-driving and failure in self-driving".

Photo|Musk attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the Shanghai plant

However many believe that the accident was nothing more than a hype for Tesla. First of all, Tesla does not have a "full autopilot" mode. The automaker's semi-autonomous self-driving system is designed for highways, not the kind of private roads shown in the alleged crash video released by the robotics company. The robot appears to start falling over a second before the car crashes into the Promobot. The video appears to show a rope snaking away from the scene of the accident - the kind of rope that could be used to pull down a robot that hadn't been hit by a car at all. The company, which also goes by the name Promobot, did not respond to requests for comment. Tesla declined to comment.

Nonetheless, this incident has once again set off alarm bells in people's minds. A year ago, an Uber testing a self-driving vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian. This shows that the technology of autonomous driving is not mature, and the so-called "autonomous driving" is actually "assisted driving", which does not leave the driver.

Since the launch of Tesla's Assisted Driving feature, there have been a number of highly controversial cases in which multiple drivers have died in accidents, and Tesla has been sued several times as a result. Whether autonomous driving is safe or not may be something that people will be more careful about when using the assisted driving feature after this "robot" crash.

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