cool hit counter Another new ability for the applet! iPads can now open applets too!_Intefrankly

Another new ability for the applet! iPads can now open applets too!

On September 10, the WeChat team announced new cloud development capabilities for small programs online, and last night sent out an announcement about new capabilities: the

" iPad supports opening applets and developers can adapt them for large screens. The applet subcontract loading feature has been upgraded to allow subcontracts to run independently. New personalized base map style for the map component. Template message delivery process is simplified. "Three great abilities to make your applet bigger and more functional!

Once cloud development, a wave of new capabilities, small programs have been silent for a long time, I did not expect to bring us so many surprises at once, it is really 666! Here's a look at just how "6" this new wave of abilities really is.

1. iPad supports the use of applets

WeChat iOS 6.7.2 onwards now supports applets and games for iPad. After logging into WeChat on iPad, users can open applets and mini-games through various portals of the applet.

Developers can adapt the applet for large screens and decide whether to support users to rotate the screen depending on the business.

2. Upgrade of subcontracting loading capacity

In order to improve the launch speed of the applet page, based on the original sub-package loading capability, the applet adds a new sub-package independent loading feature, allowing the sub-package to run independently of the main package and other sub-packages, and supporting pre-download.

3、Personalized map

To enrich the use scenario of the applet map service, the applet map component adds a personalized base map style applet example. Developers can change the map style of the applet by opening Tencent Location Service.

4. Simplify the process of sending template messages

To simplify the process of sending template messages, developers now only need to call the interface once to send a template message for an applet or public number.

To sum up, by opening the applets and mini-games via iPad WeChat, users can enjoy "Big screen." The smooth experience of the New sub-package independent loading feature for applets, new personalized base map style for map component, simplified process for sending template messages And these three new abilities make your applets bigger and richer!

WeChat gives more and more capabilities to small programs, so let's guess if they can support computer side opening in the future? I hope WeChat accepts the editorial!

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