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Apple CEO Cook: The programming I learned in college

IThouse1 month23 news of the day After CEO Tim· Cook (name)(Tim Cook) under the leadership of, Apple was the first to launch the“Everyone Can Code” schemes, Aiming to introduce programming to primary schools、 High school and university, Make programming accessible to kids and adults of all ages。

Cook always talks passionately about the importance of teaching programming to kids of all ages, and in an interview last week he even said that learning to program is more important than learning a foreign language if you have to make a choice.

Cook's recently said in response to a question from MacRumors reader El-ad that he learned to program in college because programming classes weren't offered at the high school he attended, and he's glad that's changing now.

Perhaps it will come as a surprise to some that Cook will be programmed, given that he held the job of running Apple's global business before becoming the company's CEO. But Cook graduated from Auburn University in Alabama with a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, a major that requires a programming background, before going to Duke University's Fuqua School of Business for his MBA.

In October 2017, Cook shared his programming experience in an interview with The Sun. While he was a student at Auburn University, Cook set up a system to improve traffic lights near the university. His goal is to optimize traffic and reduce wait times while keeping the lights safe. His work was successful and was carried out by the local police. It felt really cool at the time and really worked, and law enforcement implemented it," Cook said. "

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