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Apple Driverless Navigation System Patent Announced One Step Closer to Car Dreams

According to U.S. media reports, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a report titled“ Autonomous navigation system(AutonomousNavigationSystem)” of patent applications, Reveals the latest developments in Apple's driverless car research。

The patent shows that Apple has been working on the patent for the patent since at least 2015. In the patent document, Apple describes ways to make self-driving car navigation more efficient, reducing the need to constantly recreate detailed maps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook(TimCook) call sth (by a name)“ The mother of all AI projects”。 The patent application states, Many self-driving vehicle systems are based on static information( as the map) Conducting navigation, and use sensors to identify real-time information about changing elements, to reduce the computational requirements of self-driving cars。 Apple, on the other hand, has taken a different approach。 Apple's system will be able to provide any data without any device、 Without the need for any local storage of data, automatic drive train。 Apple plans to use computer models、 Sensors and processors to predict routes。

This patent was filed in 2016 after Bloomberg reported that Apple was using a virtual reality environment for driverless vehicle testing at the time. Apple also said in a letter filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it will invest in transportation-related automation.

Apple has previously been granted a nearly identical patent, but this patent application, this time, has the most detailed description. Editor.

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