Apple: brute force iPhone hack? Don't even think about it, it's impossible!

We all know that smartphone unlocking methods have become more and more diverse, from the beginning of the simple digital password unlocking to graphic unlocking, then to the most widely used fingerprint recognition unlocking, and now gradually popular face unlocking, but have you noticed a pattern, no matter what new unlocking method is adopted, the digital password will always be retained.

It was already difficult enough to crack a four-digit password, and since passwords can be set to six digits, cracking an iPhone has become nearly impossible.

And we can also set it so that if the password is entered incorrectly more than 10 times, the device's internal data is automatically erased and the device cannot be activated even if it is flashed, only removed for parts.

But recently, there are hackers online said that they have found the relevant vulnerability, you can use the method of violent cracking, ignoring the iPhone password input 10 error limit, want to enter as many times as many times, such as four-digit password, hackers can send all the digital password combinations from 0000 to 9999 at once to the device for unlocking attempts, 6-digit password the same way.

And the vulnerability is valid in both iOS 11 and iOS 12.

For this provocation of hackers, Apple certainly can not accept, in response to someone claimed that can bypass Apple security measures to violently crack the iPhone this thing, Apple official reply said that it is aware of this matter, and think that bypass iPhone password restrictions is impossible to do, let everyone not worry.

In order to make sure, Apple has added "USB Restricted Mode" in iOS 12. The function is that if the iPhone is not unlocked within an hour, then once the time limit has passed and the cable is connected, nothing can be done except charging the device.

Of course, just in case, Apple still recommends that you upgrade to iOS 12, which will give the iPhone better protection.

What about for those iPhone users who don't want to upgrade? Apple didn't specify either, so I guess Apple's idea is to not upgrade iOS 12, so you guys can just watch yourselves.

Speaking of which, again, some people think this is Apple's way of getting users to upgrade to iOS 12, what do you all think?

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