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Apple exposes vulnerability, iPhone easily unlocked!

On July 21, a locked version of the iphone can become unlocked in seconds due to a change in Apple's server activation policy! This is a big surprise, after all, a locked unit is a lot cheaper than an unlocked one in soft money.

Some of you may not be able to read this, so Blackie will first give you a quick overview of what locked and unlocked phones and card stickers are.

locked machine

In simple terms, a locked phone can only use the card of the specified carrier, switching to another carrier's card will not work, so such phones purchased through carrier channels will be much cheaper than the official price.

unlocked machine

Unlocked phones are easy, unlocked phones can be used directly with the mobile phone cards of major carriers, domestic purchase channels to buy basically unlocked phones.


The card sticker was created to crack locked phones, and the card sticker is a very thin, small circuit version whose main function is to decode phone cards so that cards other than those of the specified carrier will work. The card stickers are further divided into built-in and external, so I won't go into detail here.

This is done as follows

Method I

Method II

After activation, it can be completely detached from the card sticker and can update the phone system via OTA (that is, update with wireless network), currently only support network gsm/wcdma/fdd4g/tdd49 (domestic telecom does not support).

Overall, this locked version to unlocked version is a big surprise, unlocking the card sticker to the current stage almost to 100% perfect, no need to tangle with buying a locked version iphone in the future!

Once this method is out, the locked machines are definitely going to see a price increase, not as cost effective, but still a lot cheaper than the GB.

Well, that's it for today's share, would you all consider the locked version of iPhone after it can be unlocked perfectly? Feel free to leave comments.

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