Apple iOS 9 iBoot source code leaked

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February 8 - Source code for the iBoot system has appeared on GitHub shared by users from the iOS 9.3.x version of the system, which is currently missing files to compile, and security researchers say that hackers can find security vulnerabilities by analyzing the source code, which is shared from iOS 9 but some of which may still be included in iOS 11, reports motherboard.

Apple's iBoot is the traditional PC equivalent of BiOS, which ensures that the iOS kernel is signed and certified by Apple, as well as performing the critical tasks associated with loading the iOS operating system. iBoot is part of the iOS security system, which Apple considers a key component among iOS, and is offering a $200,000 bonus to developers who can discover vulnerabilities in the iBoot system, which is the highest amount available for the vulnerability discovery program.

Jonathan Levin, an expert in iOS and macOS, said that this could be the worst leak in iOS history, and Levin said that by accessing the iBoot source code, researchers could more easily find device security vulnerabilities or jailbreak exploits.

The developers have not yet fully confirmed the authenticity of the codes, and Apple has not responded to this.

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