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Apple is testing a feature that blocks police from the iPhone unlocker

On Monday, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled details about its upcoming iPhone operating system, iOS 12. The most anticipated features include FaceTime, Animoji and the ruler app. But iOS 12's killer feature is rumored to be delayed for a while before release, so it wasn't discussed at this Apple event. The mysterious new feature is called USB Restricted Mode, and Apple has been including it in some iOS betas since iOS 11.3. The feature basically forces users to unlock their iPhone with a passcode every time the phone is not unlocked for an hour after connecting it to a USB attachment. This includes iPhone unlocking devices such as the iPhone Cellebrite or GrayShift used by police departments around the world to steal hacked iPhone products.

"This pretty much blocks [GrayShift's products] GrayKey and Cellebrite," Ryan Duff, a security researcher who has studied iPhones and is the head of network solutions at Point3 Security, told Motherboard in an online chat. "If it actually does everything it describes and doesn't let any type of data connection happen until it's unlocked, then yes, if you can't communicate with it, you can't utilize the device."

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