cool hit counter Apple made two mistakes in three months to officially apologize to users around the world for the same problem!_Intefrankly

Apple made two mistakes in three months to officially apologize to users around the world for the same problem!

Apple's global reach as the world's number one company in terms of market capitalization is arguably huge. Of the three leading global tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Apple differs from the other two in terms of revenue because Apple is primarily a hardware seller, while Google and Microsoft are primarily software inspired.

The products we know and feel safe and secure about - iPhones, iPads and Macs - are "in the palm of our hands". However these three Apple's fist products were found to have very serious security flaws by a wide range of users just the day before, but yesterday Apple's external spokesperson has officially apologized to all users. What loophole? Let's take a look.

It's been a period of Mac system upgrades, and only yesterday developers discovered a major vulnerability in macOS High Sierra, where users had to enter a login name of "root" and easily gain administrator access to their Macs without entering a password. If your Mac is locked, you can still fire access in the login screen. macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, and macOS 10.13.2, which is in testing, are affected by this security vulnerability. A lot of people think this bug is just a bit cheap, I guess!

But fortunately Apple reacted immediately and they released an emergency security patch Security Update 2017-001 for macOS, proudly fixing this serious security flaw.

Apple also issued a statement and apology to the public through the media, which read, "Security is critical for every Apple product, and we're sorry we made a mistake with this macOS update. When our engineers became aware of the issue yesterday afternoon, we immediately began preparing updates and patching the vulnerability. Now that the security update has been pushed, the patch will be automatically installed on systems running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 from now on. "

Regardless, mistakes happen. I can't help but think of a security researcher Slipper from Changting Technology on October 24 this year at the International Geek Security Competition, a live demonstration of the full process of cracking Apple's newly launched iPhone 8, and this security researcher Slipper is a student in China. Considering the mistakes Apple has made on the system in the past two months, many netizens have said what's wrong with Apple, and others have said directly, "Apple gives me a changed feeling, the old Apple represents this security and peace of mind, don't bother to toss windows and android, now I think my opinion has changed a bit. "

Of course, no one is perfect, and anyone can make a mistake accidentally at times. Hopefully, this kind of thing is just a fluke and, as Apple said in its statement, a similar low-level mistake can be prevented from happening again after reviewing the entire development process.

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