Apple's official launch: new iPhonXS cabbage price smacked in the face, two kidneys not enough

At 1 a.m. Beijing time on September 13, Apple held an event at the Steve Jobs Theater at its headquarters in Apple Park to officially launch the new iPhone Xs line of smartphones: the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

The two models are 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch respectively, powered by the A12 chip, offer a new gold color and a groundbreaking camera with a powerful neural network engine, and dual SIM functionality is finally available.

Continuing the iPhone X's unchanging design: new gold colorway, larger 6.5-inch

selling price

The new iPhone Xs is available in Gold, Silver, and Dark Sky Gray, with a suggested retail price of $8,699 for the 64GB model, $10,099 for the 2568GB model, and $11,899 for the 256GB model. The iPhone Xs Max is also available in the same colorways and will be listed at the following prices: $9,599 MSRP for the 64GB model, $10,999 for the 256GB model, and $12,799 for the 512GB model.

The design of the iPhone Xs will be almost identical to the current iPhone X, with an almost "edge-to-edge" ultra-narrow bezel full-screen design, then dual glass front and back with a surgically polished stainless steel bezel center frame, a "bangs" notch at the top of the screen, a built-in native camera, Face ID functionality, and the complete removal of the HOME button. Apple says that the iPhone Xs is the most beautiful iPhone they have ever built.

iPhone Xs this time the dust and water resistance and a glass is the most durable among the entire smartphone, raised to IP68 rating, two meters underwater can be submerged for up to 30 minutes, so it does not matter if you go swimming in the pool or accidentally fall into the pool. Apple said that as long as it rinses it, it will be fine after it dries, and the whole team then, using many different liquids to do the test, such as like, is chlorinated water, or salt water, and orange juice, tea, wine, beer, red wine, etc., are no pressure.

The iPhone Xs has the same screen as the iPhone X, which is a 5.8-inch Super Retina Ultra Retina display screen with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels and a total screen pixel count of 2.7 million pixels with a pixel density of 458ppi. Apple says it's the highest pixel density on top of an iOS device, and it's the same size overall as the 8 Plus, but the overall design is smaller and feels better in your hand, making it easier to hold in your hand.

The much-anticipated dual SIM feature is finally making its way to the new iPhone Xs lineup, without further explanation. According to official information provided by Apple, the iPhone Xs models are offered through programmable e-SIM technology, which requires a carrier contract to activate, just like on the Apple Watch Series 3, which will be available later in the fall, and it's unclear whether the national line will offer it for now. The iPhone Xs Max, on the other hand, offers dual SIM slots by physical default, so you can plug in two cards yourself.

As expected, the iPhone Xs doesn't just come in one size, but also offers another larger size with a screen size of 6.5 inches. Officially named the iPhone Xs Max, this model also has an OLED Super Retina display screen with a resolution of 2668 x 1242 pixels and a total screen pixel count of 3.3 million pixels and a pixel density of 458ppi, also supporting a wide color gamut and also offering Ture Tone original color display screen technology.

Apple says that the iPhone Xs Max is their largest iPhone to date, and I'm sure many of their customers would prefer such a larger display iPhone, as it's almost the same size throughout as the 5.5 inch I'm almost the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with a larger screen size.

Apple believes that the iPhone Xs Max makes watching video on it look like a blockbuster, photos look more beautiful, the web or maps look better, and the built-in apps support use in landscape mode on the iPad, as well as providing a wider stereo speaker experience.

A12 chip + 512GB flash memory: a big boost to the neural network engine

Apple says the A-series chips are better than any other, and this year's new A12 bionic is the world's first 7nm process chip with 6.9 billion transistors crammed inside for exceptional performance, making it the smartest and most powerful chip in the smartphone industry today. In terms of architecture, the A12 is designed with a 6-core CPU + 4-core GPU + 8-core neural network model.

Among them, Apple's in-house designed CPU cores are still the Fusion architecture, with two of the six cores being high-performance cores that deliver 15 percent better performance and 40 percent better power efficiency. The other four are power-efficient cores with a 50% improvement in power efficiency.

The GPU, also designed in-house by Apple, offers a 50 percent performance boost in graphics performance, which Apple says is a pretty huge boost.

The really big change, according to Apple, is the neural network engine, which last year was a dual-core design, while the A12's neural network engine features an 8-core design that provides AI machine learning and smart computing, and can determine whether tasks on the iPhone are given to the CPU, GPU, or neural network engine to do the work. The performance is described as unparalleled, with Apple claiming to have increased the number of operations per second from 600 billion to 50,000 billion, which is incredible.

The A12's neural network engine now supports even more new tasks, including image signal processing, hevc decoding and encoding, video processing, 64-bit CPU control, performance control, security compartment, memory control, system cache, display engine, all-day processing, audio management, fast storage management, and more. Apple says the engine, which also offers new features before ARKit, also opened up Core ML to developers, and its Core ML engine is now nine times faster but uses a tenth of the power of the A11.

Meanwhile, the optional storage capacity of the iPhone Xs series has been increased to 512GB. Apple says that this capacity stores 200,000 photos without any stress.

Thanks to the A12's neural network engine, coupled with algorithmic gods and faster security compartments, Apple says Face ID now has faster algorithms, is faster, more secure, and completely seamless - the best and most secure facial recognition authentication technology in the world on this smartphone.

In terms of battery life, Apple says the iPhone Xs has 30 minutes longer standby time than the iPhone X, and the iPhone Xs Max has an hour and a half longer standby time than the iPhone X. The iPhone Xs Max is the strongest iPhone phone in terms of battery life.

Dual camera incorporates groundbreaking AI

The iPhone Xs series offers a 12MP dual camera with a ?/1.8 aperture wide-angle lens and a ?/2.4 aperture telephoto lens, a six-mirror lens with 2x optical zoom support, and both lenses offer optical stabilization technology. Apple says the new sensor is twice as fast as the former.

Apple claims that the iPhone Xs continues to innovate in the camera like never before on an iPhone, as this uses advanced Neural Network Optimizer functional depth algorithms that unleash incredible performance, with huge enhancements in Smart HDR, out-of-focus imaging and depth-of-field control, portrait mode selfies, dark light detail performance, dynamic images, and more.

Apple mentions the latest Smart HDR technology, claiming it's a photo algorithm that utilizes multiple technologies, such as a more sensitive sensor, enhanced image signal processor and advanced algorithms to give more detail in highlights and shadows in photos.

The iPhone Xs series mentions a 7MP camera on the front with a ?/2.2 aperture lens that supports 1080p video recording and also supports Smart HDR photo technology.

Netizens, what do you think? Is it worth buying, feel free to comment and discuss!

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