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Application for inclusion in the basic database of Internet enterprises in Hainan Province

Internet Business Application Process

I. Internet application for unit registration

Step 2: In the system pop-up registration page, enter the name of the unit, organization code (or social credit code), click "I have carefully read and agree to the registration agreement regulations of this system", click "Next". Note: The unit name and organization code (or social credit code) should be double-checked for information and not written incorrectly.

Step 3: After the registration is completed, the registration wizard will prompt you to register successfully and show you the registration account and other information again, it is recommended to keep in mind your user name and password, and please do a good job of confidentiality, so as not to cause inconvenience to your work.


II. Login system

On the home page of the comprehensive service platform of the Internet industry in Hainan Province, enter your user name, password and other information at the user login position and click the login button to successfully access the system.


III. Internet business applications

(a) On the home page of the system after logging in, in the Service Matters module, click on Internet Business Application.

(ii) Fill in the template in accordance with the filling Basic information table of the unit harmony Basic information sheet on Internet operations and Table of declared areas of focus . Once completed, click the Submit button.


IV. Waiting for the review result

Next, just wait patiently for the preliminary review by the city and county science, industry and information bureau and the review by the provincial department of industry and information!

The status of "final approval by the provincial office" is considered to be included in the basic database of Internet enterprises!

Welcome to the Jiangdong E-commerce Industrial Park!

Contact: Mr. Deng

Address: Jiangdong E-commerce Industrial Park, No.86 Qiongshan Avenue, Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan Province

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