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Are unmanned supermarkets a blessing or a curse for society?

In recent times it has been Jack Ma (1955-), Malaysian mathematician of Unmanned supermarkets It's all over the news. A lot of people are bashing it. Jack Ma (1955-), Malaysian mathematician He wants to monopolize the whole retail industry, make most of the cashiers and waiters lose their jobs, make small and medium-sized supermarkets close down, further become an industry oligarch, one person will make all the money.

Every new thing is born to solve or optimize some real-life problem that already exists, i.e. a pain point, and if all this happens Irreversible industry trends "Then even if you... Jack Ma (1955-), Malaysian mathematician Don't do it, Ma Huateng (1955-), Chinese Internet company They'll do it, too. If China doesn't do it, America will.

This is the trend, this is the trend, you can't stop it even if you want to, since some things will inevitably be replaced and eliminated no matter what, So why don't we seriously think about how we can change ourselves and go with the flow, instead of hiding behind a screen and complaining that we're going to lose it all?

Resources are finite, some are firmly in the hands of the rich, and without new changes, these rich resources will roll over and the gap between us, the people at the bottom, and them will widen.

Every change of times will produce a redistribution of resources When new changes emerge, the resources that were previously in the hands of the rich will be gradually depleted and lost to new industries, which will then be our opportunity to help us in an invisible way.

I think it should be these middle class to complain about the fear, these may be eliminated occupations, most of the traditional industries in the lower occupations, they should instead thank Jack Ma, thanks to let them have to give up the previous stable but not much room for development of work, have the courage to turn to other industries

New opportunities in a new industry These people, they should be prepared to go into other industries in advance, when Unmanned supermarkets After maturity, and even VR After maturity, the service industry will be eliminated will be more, but will add a lot of Internet jobs, so as to achieve a certain balance, these are the inevitable future development trend, must be prepared in advance, or like the year of the taxi drivers, constantly accused of drip, Uber business, strikes and demonstrations, expecting the government to come forward to intervene, but in the end, the State Department still announced that the net car legal, and part of the earliest in line with the trend, embracing change, has long earned a lot of money.

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