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Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain Successfully Landed in the Secondary Sector for the First Time

Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain successfully landed for the first time in the secondary space AlphaGo defeated all the best flaggers in the world, setting off a frenzy of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AlphaZero defeated AlphaGo, which beat all the human kings, with only 34 hours of training. Blockchain technology, represented by Bitcoin, has sparked a movement towards a new generation of Internet revolution. You thought artificial intelligence was far away? You thought blockchain was still just a financial scam?


BA and B don't look much different, but there's a fundamental difference in their birth; one took the artist at least three days to complete, and the other was generated directly by the AI in seconds. On June 10, 2014, a chap named IanGoodfellow came up with the concept of generative adversarial networks.

langoodfellow full paper address:

Screenshot of the paper Generative adversarial networks have been called the most exciting invention in machine learning in the last decade. It is specifically based on the principle of having a generator Gennerator and also a discriminator Discriminator, both of which are trained simultaneously until a Nash equilibrium is reached.

Screenshot of the paper Here is an extremely complex set of computational models that will not be described here. One thing we just need to know is that this technology has, in a sense, replaced some of the secondary painters. 2GAN generates secondary images back in the day when we used to indulge in all kinds of beautiful secondary girls.

Web image, invasion deleted However, now these girls can generate in seconds.

GAN Generated Secondary Image Mapping It's hard to imagine the huge impact this technology will have on the comics and gaming space as it is refined and developed. But one thing is for sure, not only is it not far away, but it has crept up on us. 3 Artificial Intelligence Meets BlockchainWhile people are still discussing the combination of two cutting-edge technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain, no one expected that the technology has quietly landed on Ether's Rinkeby network and generated more than 500,000 unique secondary images in just a few weeks.

The Crypko team, based on the latest GAN technology, has completed the generation of secondary girls. And all secondary images, in the form of an Ethercat-like ERC721, are permanently imprinted on the blockchain network.

And as an image that can be generated infinitely and on a blockchain that can lock in unique properties, what chemistry will follow from this oxymoron. BUNStudio has entered into a strategic partnership with CrypkoTeam. In addition to providing Crypkogame with optimized solutions to lower the user threshold on mobile, we will also provide support and assistance to Crypko in expanding its subsequent ecosystem.

3.Click to copy the address of your wallet to receive coins, and leave us a message on the WeChat public number, we will unify to play coins for everyone

4.Click on Crypko game on the wallet home page, enter the game and follow the steps to register 5. Shop for your girls on the marketplace, you can sort by low price, there are a lot of girls around 0.01 ETH

6.With more than 2 girls you can synthesize new ones yourself Look at some more GAN generated pleasing secondary girls at.

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