"Artificial intelligence + medical" into the fast lane

"Artificial intelligence + healthcare" is growing rapidly. Medicine is a discipline that relies on inductive logic, empirical learning, and evidence-based application, and AI can play an important role in this industry. At the same time, China's medical resources are in short supply, and the application of artificial intelligence in the medical industry can enhance the efficiency of doctors and improve the supply of medical resources in disguise. With the promotion of policy and algorithm dividend, "AI + medical" is developing rapidly, according to China Digital Medical Network statistics, China AI + medical market size reached 9.661 billion yuan in 2016, with a growth rate of 37.9%, China AI + medical market size is continuing to grow, will exceed 13 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of 40.7%, and is expected to reach 20 billion yuan in 2018 market size.

Chart: Artificial Intelligence + Healthcare is growing rapidly

Data source: HC3i

Artificial intelligence is used in all parts of the healthcare industry。1> pre-diagnosis: Can be used for prediction of individual or population diseases, And give health advice。2> undergoing treatment: Artificial intelligence can aid in diagnosis、 complementary therapy, Reducing the rate of misdiagnosis。3> post-diagnosis: Able to see through computer vision、 Channels such as image recognition and video analytics ensure the authenticity of patients taking medication, Assisting physicians in achieving patient medication adherence monitoring。4> Other links: Intelligent control of insurance agency costs; Artificial intelligence is involved in the drug development process, It is possible to shorten the time、 Improving efficiency。

Figure: Various application scenarios of AI+Healthcare

Next issue: 2018.1.16 - [The industry is in the first stage, the integration and sharing of data is to promote the development of "artificial intelligence + medical"].

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