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Artificial intelligence "C", these professional employment more popular

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Economic Observation Reporter Wang Yajie With artificial intelligence "C", the employment and development of the latest class of college graduates will usher in more new opportunities and options.

On the morning of July 11, the Economic Observation Network reporter learned from the McKeith Institute, the Institute's latest statistics show that, as an important branch of artificial intelligence, the number and quality of employment in computer science has increased significantly.

In particular, the employment rate increased from 92.8% in the 2013 class to 95.2% in the 2017 class, ranking in the top 5 among all professional categories; and employment satisfaction increased from 59% in the 2013 class to 74% in the 2017 class. Monthly earnings rose from $4,107 in the Class of 2013 to $6,056 in the Class of 2017, ranking among the highest monthly earnings in all professional categories.

Although the employment prospects brought by artificial intelligence are promising, however, experts from the McKeith Institute told Economic Observer that with the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, it may have an impact on some traditional industries in the future.

green card major in employment

Specific to the professional level, Software engineering related to artificial intelligence、 network engineering、 The communications engineering program is2015 until2018 Undergraduate students for four consecutive years green card major in employment, Information security is2017、2018 Green Label majors for two consecutive years, additionally2018 The year also saw the addition of Internet of Things Engineering to the undergraduate Green Card program、 Digital Media Technology Major。 Green majors are those with a low volume of unemployment, occupation rate、 Majors with high combined salary and job satisfaction, For demand growth majors。

Related sources from the McKeith Institute said that the green card majors, artificial intelligence-related majors accounted for a relatively large proportion, indicating that the related professional demand growth is obvious and the quality of employment is good.

In addition to the above-mentioned fields, a statistical study conducted by sources at the McKeith Institute said that the proportion of employment in the media and information and communication industries has increased.

From the viewpoint of the industries to which AI-related majors flow, as the main field that carries the development of AI technology, the "media, information and communication industry" has an overall increasing trend in absorbing undergraduate graduates, and graduates have obvious salary advantages. Specifically, in terms of employment numbers, the percentage of graduates employed in such industries rose from 8.7% in the 2013 class to 10.3% in the 2017 class; in terms of salary, the monthly income of undergraduates employed in such industries rose from $3,922 in the 2013 class to $5,634 in the 2017 class six months after graduation, with a significant income advantage.

As for the AI+ manufacturing, finance, and retail business sectors, the percentage of occupations in the computer internet category rose.

Graduates have more new job options in some traditional industries as smart technologies are being used in depth in manufacturing, finance, retail and other areas. In terms of the industries in which a large number of undergraduate graduates are employed, the proportion of those employed in manufacturing, finance and retail business in the "Internet development and application" and "computer and data processing" occupations are on the rise, rising from 6.3%, 4.8% and 5.4% in the 2013 class to 10.6%, 10.5% and 15.7% in the 2017 class, respectively. It is evident that the development of smart manufacturing, new finance and new retail has broadened the employment space for graduates in the relevant industries. With the advancement of intelligent industrial upgrading, the demand for graduates in information and intelligence-related positions in various industries is likely to expand further.

Challenges for higher education

In addition to the aforementioned expansion of employment demand, with the rapid development of AI technology, a researcher at the McKeith Institute wonders how much AI will impact the teaching profession, for example. Will college teachers be replaced by robots?

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