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Artificial intelligence has become a new windfall in the mobile phone industry major brands are scrambling to layout AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) craze is continuing to heat up. The three-day Fourth World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province on December 3, with AI becoming one of the most talked about areas of the conference, as well as a key topic of extensive discussion among Internet and tech gurus.

The reporter noticed that in the recent intensive release of new products in the mobile phone circle, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and Glory and other mobile phone manufacturers coincidentally added AI highlights to their new products.

However, in the primary development stage of artificial intelligence, the understanding of each mobile phone manufacturer varies. In the opinion of the general manager of Vivo's software development around, "AI technology must be combined with consumers for more understanding and intelligent judgment of the consumer's use scenario. "

Mobile giants jamming AI chips

Although smartphones are the most popular consumer electronics products today, they have been repeatedly bottlenecked in terms of innovation in recent years. After the market has become saturated and the structural replacement bonus has passed, technological innovation is crucial for today's mobile phone manufacturers. At present, the innovation based on OLED display brings limited and superficial experience to users, while the innovation of artificial intelligence is the key to change the bottleneck of the development of mobile phone industry and substantially improve the core competitiveness of mobile phone manufacturers.

"The first half of the year was a camera war, and the second half was a full-screen battle", which sums up the current state of development in the smartphone industry this year. In fact, mobile phone manufacturers are constantly introducing various new selling points to drive the switching market, but innovations that are limited in experience and superficial do not bring real value to users. The "AI" of mobile phones set off by Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and Glory, etc., may bring a new round of change for users from a new perspective.

However, in the primary development stage of AI, each mobile phone manufacturer does not have the same understanding of AI, so mobile phone manufacturers who apply AI technology in the mobile phone field have a variety of ways for AI technology to land, including AI chip development and design, system optimization, intelligent assistants, face recognition and solving photo album problems and big data problems through computer vision.

As the benchmark for smartphones - the new iPhone models are the ones that lead the industry every year. At this year's 1am launch event on September 13, Apple officially unveiled the much-anticipated iPhone 8 series as well as the full-screen 10th anniversary version of the iPhone X. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the iPhone X is a product of the future, with the A11 Bionic chip integrated with a "neural network engine" that can significantly improve the chip's computing efficiency through machine learning.

In fact, Apple's neural network engine is already capable of many tasks, including recognizing people, places, and objects, providing powerful performance for features like Face ID and animated emojis. In addition, Apple plans to extend the A11's neural network engine to more of the Apple ecosystem, including driverless, Apple Watch, and healthcare.

The reporter noted that only two mobile phone manufacturers, Apple and Huawei, can provide AI chips, but unlike Apple, Huawei's Kirin 970 chip, which carries artificial intelligence, is based on a dedicated hardware processing unit called NPU (Neural Network Processing Unit).

Huawei claims that the Kirin 970's AI computing power has about 25 times the performance and 50 times the power efficiency compared to four Cortex-A73 cores, which can significantly improve the phone's capabilities in image recognition, voice interaction, smart photos, and more. Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong said, "Taking the recognition time of 100 photos, for example, the Mate10 completed the task in just five seconds, while the iPhone 8 Plus took nine seconds. "

AI development should be combined with specific applications

In the face of rivals Apple, Huawei vying to start the mobile AI chip card war, Samsung, Vivo and other manufacturers are naturally not willing to lag behind, but the starting point is not the same. In May this year, Samsung equipped the Galaxy S8 with its self-developed artificial intelligence platform "Bixby" and began to provide "Bixby Voice" service. Recently, Samsung launched another flip phone W2018 equipped with iris recognition and Bixby artificial intelligence platform, its new Bixby artificial intelligence assistant, with "vision" "voice" "home" "remind" four modules, can make the phone will become smarter, more understanding of the user.

When it comes to the question of how AI and mobile phones can be combined, at the AI World 2017 World Artificial Intelligence Conference held last month, Zhang Daijun, director of Samsung Electronics China Research Institute, said that the development of AI should be combined with the application scenarios of AI and the cultivation of users' consumption habits, which is a gradual process. In this regard, Vivo software research and development general manager around also said, "AI technology must be combined with consumers for more understanding and intelligent judgment of the consumer's use of the scene. "

"In the field of artificial intelligence, vivo's strategy is not to do artificial intelligence for the sake of artificial intelligence, the landing point is still in the needs of consumers and products. We ranked the needs and pain points of consumers, the first one is taking pictures, there are thousands of scenes of taking pictures, especially for backlight shooting, we found that with the evolution of devices, the improvement of algorithms, especially the addition of artificial intelligence, you can make the photos taken in backlight very clear; the next pain point of users is the need for continuous smooth performance of mobile phones, as well as the improvement of power saving and battery life of mobile phones. We found that AI is particularly well suited for this kind of training - on top of the range, AI can save more than 20% of power. "I'm sorry," said around.

The reporter found that Vivo's products in artificial intelligence have also landed. On September 21 this year, Vivo released the full-screen X20 phone already equipped with the "Smart Engine 4.0" feature. The smart engine has the ability of independent learning, which can intelligently allocate CPU resources according to users' habits, control power consumption and maintain smooth usage of the phone; when users are browsing web pages, flipping through photo albums and other operations, the smart engine will automatically start GPU acceleration to ensure that users can get a smooth phone experience.

For the future of AI. The next decade will be the decade of artificial intelligence, and we are now doing this in depth on all fronts," Zhou said. More than 15% of the company's software engineers are engaged in AI-related development this year, and the company expects to have more than 25% of its software engineers engaged in AI development in 2018. "

And Zhang Daijun believes that "a few years ago everyone was talking about fingerprint recognition, but this year the wind has shifted to 'swipe face', which shows that AI is developing very fast in terms of to C. In the next 5 to 10 years, based on natural language understanding, AI technology will incorporate typical life scenarios in order to enable the Internet of Everything. "

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