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Artificial intelligence is in full swing, "robotics engineering" professional become popular

In the past few years, artificial intelligence technology with many smart products, has come into thousands of households, human society is entering the era of artificial intelligence. According to relevant institutions, it is expected that the scale of China's artificial intelligence industry will exceed 150 billion yuan by 2020, driving the scale of related industries to more than 1 trillion yuan, such rapid growth and development will certainly generate a large number of talent needs.

Baiyun Airport's first service-oriented robot, Cloud, unveiled

Sage needed: a big gap in smart talent

The rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years and the characteristics of the industry's talent needs have led to a huge shortage of AI talent.

According to data, China's AI talent shortage has exceeded 5 million. With AI on the rise, related talent has become a focal point for companies to compete for. With a huge talent gap, AI talent education in universities cannot be missing. Currently, there is a global talent shortage in AI in general, with only about 100,000 AI talents. In recent years, the attrition rate of AI faculty in universities has been increasing, influenced by factors such as high corporate salaries and big data research conditions.

Features of our robotics program

Guangdong Baiyun College is following the development of the times and adapting to the economic and social needs of the Pearl River Delta region by offering the specialty of "Robotics Engineering". The teaching team consists of professors (doctoral supervisors), associate professors, senior engineers and technicians, senior managers and young and middle-aged teachers, relying on the provincial training discipline - machinery manufacturing and its automation, with a provincial experimental teaching demonstration center for mechanical engineering. There are more than 10 comprehensive experimental training laboratories on campus and 9 practical training laboratories in cooperation with school enterprises. It is equipped with more than 1,500 sets of various types of large experimental training equipment, with a total area of more than 14,000 square meters.

Student wins first prize in China Educational Robotics Competition

In addition. The College insists on the integration of industry and education, and builds the Brandt Robotics Institute and the Institute of Intelligent Equipment with Guangdong Brandt Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. to build a school-enterprise cooperation platform, and with Taiwan's Advantech Bao Yuan Co., Ltd. to build the Baiyun College - Advantech Bao Yuan CNC system laboratory. There are more than 20 off-campus training bases, and the total value of equipment donated by companies alone is more than $10 million. The program also has international cooperation with the University of Western Sydney, Australia, to implement 2+2 joint study, two years of study in China and two years of study at the University of Western Sydney, and you can get a double diploma upon graduation.

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