Artificial intelligence quietly opens the Vatican's secret archives as the hand of technology begins to touch the realm of the gods!

Science is the reverence for truth and truthful people, never-ending exploration, practice, stages tend to approach the truth, stages to explain and reveal the stages of truth, development, history, dialectic, universality, specificity, information and other characteristics, as far as possible, does not contain contradictory knowledge system, and is a noble cause to benefit human society forever. High energy ahead, watch out internet users, the fun is about to begin!

This secret archive is magnificent, having grown in size to 53 miles long since its beginnings in the twelfth century, and the collection inside is simply unparalleled. But these are of little use to modern scholars, as most do not have access to this.

Only a very small percentage, Converted into computer text for researcher search use, Want to learn more, You can only go to Rome to request special access, And check every item yourself。 But a new technology may change all that., It is."CodiceRatio"。

CodiceRatio is an artificial intelligence and optical character recognition system, It can easily identify text that has been overlooked, and made available to researchers。 Use of this technology, can be found in this vast historical archive, Opened up a large number of historical documents。 And that's why, there are people saying that:" The hand of technology has begun to touch the realm of God!"

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