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Artificial intelligence toys or invasion of children's privacy? Safety questioned by many countries

Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- The French National Commission on Information and Freedoms warned that artificial intelligence toys that have become popular in recent years for interaction with children have insufficient security and may be detrimental to children's privacy, according to foreign media reports.

The commission reportedly targeted two smart toys, the i-Que robot and the Cayla doll (Cayla), asking the industry to strengthen security so that someone with an interest would not use them to collect personal information about the child and the surrounding environment, such as sounds and the content of the child's conversations with the toys.

After testing, the French National Commission for Information and Freedoms found that a person with an interest in the toy could use a mobile phone to link up with the toy from a distance of nine metres, so that even if the person was outside the building, they could hear or record the child's conversation with the toy, or even other sounds in the house.

The French newspaper Le Figaro cites the dangers that online toys can cause, such as the millions of parents' and children's personal data, including children's photos, that were accessed through online toys in 2015; There have also been problems with online dolls this year, allowing an interested party to potentially obtain 200,000 voice recordings of children.

In addition to France, some countries have questioned the safety of online toys. The Norwegian consumer group Forbrukerradet took issue with both of these toys last year, and Germany even banned the sale of Kyra dolls. In addition, Germany has suspended the sale of children's on-line watches, which track the location of the wearer.

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has also warned against online toys because of their vulnerability to information attacks. Some operators have stopped selling as a result.

The report notes that smart online toys, like other online devices, are at risk of data theft, and parents should be especially aware of toys with microphones or cameras that can be recorded and videotaped without their children's knowledge.

Editor:Li Lingli

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