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As a disruptive force in blockchain technology, what possibilities can neo bring to game development?

In March 2018, Yu Jianning, director of the Institute of Industrial Economics at the Information Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, argued that blockchain technology is a booster for revitalizing the real economy and can effectively enhance existing Internet technologies. Yu fully affirmed the positive role of blockchain technology in China's economy, while also addressing the methodological issue of further blockchain development:the landing of industrial scenarios.

Although the Chinese blockchain industry is still emerging and blockchain-based systems can land on a large scale within two to three years, new models still need to be created in conjunction with specific industry scenarios, and blockchain games are a popular choice for application landings. "Blockchain" and "gaming" are two of the most popular topics of our time, and the combination of these two keywords has given the market a huge amount of imagination. Only blockchain games need enough technical support and promotion to be truly valuable.

The output of domestic blockchain games remains slow due to the high development threshold for smart contracts and the various product support such as transaction performance and development environments required for the games. According to the listing on Netflix Blockchain Game Navigator, there are currently only 70 blockchain games.

Faced with the real problems of concentrated products and high purchase costs in the current game industry, the decentralized, transparent and tamper-proof characteristics of blockchain games can solve the pain points of the current industrial development. The data and virtualization nature of the game itself lends itself well to a combination with blockchain.

Smart contracts are the essence of developing a blockchain Olympics. Currently, smart contract gaming devolved by blockchain can fully realize the fairness of gaming mechanism and prop data, subvert the traditional gaming-centric gaming data falsification and unfair mechanism, make the trust between players and platform no longer alienated, and even no longer need the recognition of third-party organizations, all will be witnessed, guaranteed and audited by the entire network of players.

In terms of smart contract technology, the new blockchain is notable. The new blockchain smart contract technology is highly deterministic, scalable, compatible and especially compatible. Developers of smart contracts can write smart contracts using familiar programming languages (e.g. Java, c / c 9216 ) without having to learn a new language (e.g. stridity ) and can quickly reach and integrate with a community of millions of developers around the world.

There is no doubt that neo blockchain, with its superior smart contract technology, has created a high-quality application landing development platform that has attracted many companies and developers to develop and extend various applications based on the neo platform. In November 2017, neo ranked eighth among digital assets with a cryptocurrency price of approximately $33 on overseas digital asset trading platforms and a total market value of approximately $2 billion. As of early March 2018, neo rose to sixth place in the latest market cap rankings published by blockchain media outlet pocket bits. As a disruptive blockchain project in the market, neo has attracted the attention of many developers and among the known landing applications, gaming is one of the hotspots for neo chain.

At present, the types of domestic blockchain Olympics are mainly focused on "pet raising" and "mining", but are limited by the lack of attractiveness of a single form of domestic blockchain Olympics. In order to out-do developers to understand the advantages of neo, further accelerate the formation of neo chain games in China, so that Chinese blockchain games in a broader space in a healthy development, neo blockchain game competition was officially launched and registered on May 4.

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The new blockchain gaming competition is open to all developers, both domestic and international, and can be chained by corporate and individual developers. The competition starts with a preliminaries in July and then moves on to the second and final round. There is no limit to the themes that can be used to develop a game, and developers can use their imagination to the fullest extent possible. Participants must develop a game based on the neo chain. Entries must be original entries. Developer uploads must include a PowerPoint description, a video description of the work, and a complete game installer.

Organizers of the competition will reportedly select a total of 39 prizes and award millions of dollars worth of gas prizes. In the short to medium term, the New Blockchain Game Competition aims to provide a simple and efficient R&D platform for domestic developers, out of the way developers to quickly familiarize themselves with the development process of the new chain, and ultimately allow more game developers to develop blockchain games and break the monotony of current blockchain games.

In the long term, the organizers look forward to getting more NEO quality projects off the ground more effectively and providing them with service support through this competition. Let more blockchain developers and investors mutually benefit from each other to form a healthy new chain ecosystem and let the new chain take root in China.

About the 1st New Blockchain Game Competition

Access rules

1 .Blockchain related

The game must be related to blockchain technology, i.e., blockchain technology is used to develop the game.

2 .Design requirements

Must be based on the development of neo chain related games. The game theme is not limited, and uploads must include a PPT commentary, video commentary of the work, and a complete game installer.

The link is as follows:

( 1 ) Virtual Assets Uplink:Virtual props, characters, pets and other in-game assets are managed by smart contracts and published on the chain, which is applicable to virtual assets saving and trading games.

( 2 ) Association of game behavior data:In addition to asset data, there is game behavior data, such as association of combat reports with game results, intelligent contract management, etc., applicable to data disclosure, competitive game organization, etc.

( 3 ) Game Logic Chain:Part of the game logic takes the form of a smart contract for games where the algorithm needs to be public to reflect fairness, and can be used in conjunction with virtual assets and game behavior data.

(iv) Other:Related approaches based on blockchain technology.

3 . originality

Games submitted by competitors must be original, and professional developers can submit portfolio versions of existing high-quality games on the blockchain.

4. Completion of work

Submitted entries need to meet the criteria for being publishable, i.e. the entry is a fully experienceable game and the depth of content is not required.

5. Legal compliance

Entries are created by game developers under the guidance of the Blockchain Technical Specification and are filled out completely and accurately. It must not violate the relevant laws of the People's Republic of China or infringe on the intellectual property rights and other rights of third parties; if the right holder finds out or points out, the organizer will disqualify him/her from participating in the competition. The jury reserves the right to reject any contest.

Related interests

( 1 ) The winner will be contacted by the Sponsor based on the winner's registration, account number and registration information.

( 2 ) All entrants who upload their contest entries through this contest registration shall be deemed to have understood and accepted the contest rules, entry requirements, entry procedures, scoring criteria, prize collection, etc. In case of disputes such as copyright, all matters will be handled according to the competition rules.

( 3 ) Special Note: The final interpretation of this event belongs to the organizer. The organizers have the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the event if it cannot take place for any reason.

(d) If the normal conduct of the competition is compromised or affected by computer virus infection, error, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failure or other reasons beyond the control of the organizer, the organizer may, at its sole discretion and in its independent judgment, fully reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or postpone the competition. In such cases, the organizers will post an announcement on the official website and implement other incentives.

Immigration instructions

(a) Participants should provide true and correct information when registering and submitting their entries. All personal information provided by participants in the course of the competition will be used only for the purpose of judging and awarding the competition, and the competition organizers will keep all content related to personal privacy confidential. Also, entrants must ensure that the information provided is true and reliable.

( 2 ) The competition organizing committee will assess the work in the context of the examination. No modifications may be made to the work that passes the exam. Works that fail the check will be sent back to the developer for rework or re-upload. Please pay close attention to the short message, email and official website announcement of the competition.

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This tournament was hosted by Nell.

This contest is sponsored by the nel New Economy Lab.

Nair is Neo's Chinese developer community.

nel is co-sponsored by nns founder Yongxin Liu and new core developer Jianying Li.

It aims to develop a new ecology, nurture community developers and facilitate project delivery.

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