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Asian Sci-Fi Drama Era Begins as Ketton Creates AI-Themed Masterpiece 'Perfect Core Robots'

Today, Keton Media announced the official launch of the project "Perfect Core Robot", Asia's top sci-fi masterpiece. The drama follows the proposition of the times of technological development and cultural strength, focusing on the current hot field of artificial intelligence and leading the market of science fiction themes. It is reported that the show will bring together the first-line domestic and international production team and the creative line-up to join the show, with a heavy focus on creating a top-notch science fiction masterpiece. As a producer of many phenomenal series that have taken Asia by storm, Keton Media announced the production of a brand new science fiction drama on the eve of the 2018 Shanghai TV Series Production and Broadcasting Annual Conference, a move that means a lot and has received widespread attention from the industry, which is a big trend in terms of the wind direction of the film and television industry. With the bang of Keton Media's Perfect Core Man, a new era of Asian sci-fi drama has officially begun.

Market-hungry subject matter leads the industry, top production opens the era of Asian science fiction drama

In recent years, the film and television industry has prospered, with phenomenal works coming out, and a hundred TV series and web series competing for attention. However, for all kinds of subjects, the audience has seen it time and again, the subject matter innovation has become an important breakout point for the film and television industry. The launch of the "Perfect Core Man" project by KDMC has set the pattern of the film and television industry and has played a role in interpreting and leading the trend of the subject matter in the new period.

In addition to bringing industry insight, The Perfect Core Mechanic is a direct response to market demand. In terms of market environment, "science fiction" has always been sought after by the public. The early science fiction film series Star Wars, which has been in the public eye since 1977, has been released nine times, as well as a large number of spin-offs, and has a large number of loyal fans from different nationalities, fields and age groups around the world, and is also seen as a benchmark classic IP case in the development of the entire film industry. In recent years, Asian films and TV shows have also increasingly incorporated science fiction elements, and the response has been generally pleasing to audiences and, more notably, has shown its market strength. In addition to cutting across the mainstream viewing demographic, the sci-fi genre has also gained the attention and affection of a broader public that breaks through attributes such as age, gender, geography, and income. This shows that the market environment and outlook for the science fiction genre is very promising.

Yet, despite occupying a clear market advantage, science fiction dramas remain in relative scarcity. As we all know, the science fiction genre is challenging to write and produce, and throughout the Asian market, there has yet to be a highly representative science fiction work released. The Perfect Core Man" brings together a first-tier domestic and international production team and creative line-up, putting all its efforts in concept design, content development and production quality assurance to create a truly Asian top sci-fi explosion, opening an era of sci-fi drama.

Market Sense Focuses on Artificial Intelligence Field, Keeping Up with the Times and Opening Up a National Topic Buzz

In terms of content genetics, "Perfect Core Man" focuses on the field of artificial intelligence, combining the current trajectory of human technological development and empowering the proposition of the times. With the rapid development of modern technology, artificial intelligence has become the hottest topic for all mankind. AlphaGo's victory over the Go world champion, the robot Sophia's acquisition of human citizenship, and the appearance of the artificial intelligence-controlled "ice screen" in the "Beijing 8 Minutes" at the Winter Olympics are some of the sensational events that mark the complete entry of artificial intelligence from its original concept into the public eye and its relevance to people's lives. "AI" has also become the most popular term that is widely known by the public and is closely related to clothing, food, housing and transportation, such as the Siri voice assistant function in Apple's mobile phone, the face unlock function in iPhone X, the voice to text function in WeChat software, the driverless function in Tesla's car, etc. The popularity of these technologies means that the era of artificial intelligence has truly arrived.

Under this trend, "Perfect Core Robot" was born, echoing the reality through the future technological society, meeting people's demand for exploring and thinking about the topic of artificial intelligence, bridging technology and humanity from the perspective of film and television drama, allowing audiences to perceive the rapidly developing era and look into the future of artificial intelligence from the perspective of film and television. As a realistic work of science fiction, Perfect Core Man is more like a sign of the times, contributing to the advancement of technology and recording the prosperity of the times.

"Big Time", "Big Country", "Big Industry", Ketton explains the "Big Trend" of the industry

In recent years, KDMC's dramas have become familiar to the public and have taken the Asian market by storm. "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom" was not only listed as one of the "World's Most Popular TV Series" by The WIT, a French media information company, but was also unanimously selected by Astro Malaysia and StarHub Singapore as the "Most Viewed Foreign Drama of 2017", entering 88 countries and regions.

Immediately after, instead of sticking to its guns, Keton renewed its power and launched the Asian sci-fi drama era in full force with its breakout genes.

As we all know, science fiction dramas are extremely demanding, and what the Asian film industry lacks is the "industrial" production that the British and American film industries lack. The success of a science fiction show must be the result of a more scientific "industrial" production. If there is a company that can create a glorious era of Chinese science fiction and even Asian science fiction, it is the Keton brand with its "big industry" DNA.

After long-term in-depth research of domestic and overseas TV drama data and active development of quantitative analysis software tools for TV dramas, Huasekton has formed a unique domestic TV evaluation and optimization system, which standardizes and specializes the process of TV drama creation and production, making each link predictable, controllable, replicable and testable, thus comprehensively improving the production efficiency and product quality of TV dramas and effectively reducing the risks of TV drama product production and sales.

The six center systems, including data center, creativity center, production center, R&D center, overseas center and operation management center, empower creation in the Internet era and complete the perfect integration of "rational + sensibility", "creativity + production" and "domestic + overseas" to create a head explosive strategy.

All of this makes it possible for Ketton to create the "number one science fiction show in Asia".

Undoubtedly, this step taken by "The Perfect Core Man" is a big step in the strategy of Ketton Media Group and a "big trend" in the whole cultural industry. It is a milestone for the film and television industry, whether it is an endorsement of the "big era" of rapid technological development, an expression of cultural confidence for the "big country" of prosperity, or a revolutionary push for the "big industry" of the film and television industry.

It is reported that "Perfect Core Machinist" is in full preparation and will soon enter filming and production. I believe that as a benchmark work to start the era of Asian science fiction dramas, this drama will bring endless surprises to the industry and the public.

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