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AssetFun Co-Founder Guo-Li Pan Invited to Discuss the Future of the Pass-Through Economy

April 27, 2018 The first stop of the Show You Blockchain China Tour hosted by Coinsign will be held in Guangzhou, and assetFun co-founder Pan Guoli is invited to attend the event!

At this Coinsign Guangzhou Exchange Meetup, asset Fun co-founder Guo-Li Pan's talk is titled "The Future of the Pass-Through Economy - ASSETFUN He will share his views on the future of the pass-through economy, introduce the technical advantages of the AssetFun project, and explain how AssetFun can bring together various industry groups into an on-chain sharing ecosystem through a pass-through marketplace to achieve mutual benefits between pass creators and users.

In addition, Coin Trust, Asia's largest managed wallet, will explain the blockchain in an easy-to-understand way. The EOS Coin Letter will showcase the strength of the super node campaign and explain the definition of an EOS super node, talking deeply about why choosing a capable super node is critical to the EOS project.

The meeting flow for this event is as follows.

Sincerely welcome different ideas and blockchain projects to come together to share and exchange and collide ideas!

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