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Aug30 News Ticker|5G chips grab first launch Qualcomm and Huawei's gunpowder is getting thick

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Read these 8 great books on algorithms to really understand AI

When learning a new technology, many people will read the official documentation, watch video tutorials and some demo code, and finally do projects to get familiar with it. But if you want to get a deeper grasp, perhaps the best way is to read a few good books that stand the test of time and understand its principles, implementation and design philosophy.

The old guard is still strong, so why can't new languages like GO and Kotlin break the ice?

Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF)A report on the top languages for enterprise application development was recently released, The results show that the top corporate usage 10 The languages are:Java、JavaScript、C ++、C#、Python、PHP、VB.NET、C、Visual Basic 6 harmony VBA 。

Netcraft August Web Server Rankings: Nginx Has Great Potential

Netcraft Posted.2018 year8 month Web Server survey report, The top three are still Microsoft、Apache harmonynginx。

There are so many Linux kernel versions, which stable version should you choose?

Linux Kernel The stable branch maintainer of the Greg Kroah-Hartman recently talked about the choice of a stable kernel version on his personal blog。Kroah-Hartman said they often get inquiries about their products/ installations/ laptop/ Which version of the stable kernel should be used for servers etc, But considering that everyone's needs are different, Support times also vary between versions, So the answer is not fixed。 He tried to use this article to write about the matter, to express their views。

Record Number and Severity of Software Security Vulnerabilities in 2018

With nearly 17 percent of the record 10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed so far this year falling into the high-risk category of critical vulnerabilities, the security threat to businesses and individuals is growing by the day, according to a new report from Risk Based Security.

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5G chips grab first launch Qualcomm and Huawei's fireworks are getting thicker

Qualcomm, which was robbed by Huawei's "first artificial intelligence processor" last year, has decided not to make the same mistake this time. On the evening of August 22, Qualcomm officially announced that it will launch a system-on-chip platform on a 7nm process that can be paired with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem. In its official press release, Qualcomm describes it as, "The first flagship mobile platform that supports 5G and is aimed at top-of-the-line smartphones and mobile devices. "

Chrome's new flag: enable all experimental features and functions with one click

Beta versions of Chrome are often equipped with a lot of new experimental features and functionality, but these features are disabled by default and users need to head to the settings screen to activate them manually in order to use them. To experience the full version of the new features, users often need to enter flags one by one and choose to enable them based on official prompts or news reports, but now Google has added a new flag option in the new version of Chrome that enables users to fully enable all new features at once.

Are programmers getting paid for their skills these days? Netflix: no, it's the interview technique!

The field of computing is a rapidly changing field, with new languages, frameworks, and ideas being created every so often, and it's exhausting to keep up with every new technology. But when you think about it, there's not really that much that's new. Many of the new things are simply encapsulations of existing technologies, or technologies borrowed from other fields.

Hackers disclose unpatched Windows zero-day vulnerability (using PoC)

A security researcher has publicly disclosed details of a previously unknown zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system that could help a local user or malicious program gain system privileges on a target computer.

Samsung launches the Portable SSD X5, a 2800MB/s Thunderbolt 3 drive

Portable solid state drives (SSDs) have traditionally been limited by two factors: chip speed and connector bandwidth. With fast memory, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and an NVMe interface, Samsung's new portable SSD X5 is the kind of drive you couldn't have imagined 10 years ago: backing up 20GB of 4K Ultra HD video in 12 seconds - perfect for computing and video professionals.

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Cloud+ Technology Weekly Issue 23: "The Mystery of OCR Text Recognition

OCR is an increasingly sophisticated technology that has greatly improved the level of convenience in our daily lives. This issue will take you on an in-depth look at OCR technology from all angles.

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2、How to protect against smartphones that know too many personal secrets
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