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AutoLab 2017 Top 10 Automotive Conundrums & Standard Answers

Text/Ku Jia Dong

2017 is now a memory, a year in which AutoLab received and answered hundreds of questions from fan readers about cars in a variety of forms and in many areas of the automobile. It's safe to say that as the issues have become more specialized, AutoLab has also been there for readers to learn and grow with in 2017.

1.Choosing a car: which is really better to buy, XX car or XX car?

This could beAutoLab (located) at2017 three-yearQ&A The most common problem encountered in the column, But there's no denying it., For the average consumer, That's what they're most concerned about! act asQ&A One of the respondents to the, I always thought this was a question that had no standard answer, It's like the tails of a coin., The moment it's thrown, You already have the answer you want., So choose a car or“ never forget the original intention” of。

2.Factions: Japanese, American, European... Who is more leathery, more premium and more crash resistant?

It is an interesting cycle in the automotive world to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of American, Japanese and German cars ~ admittedly, they have maintained some inherent characteristics in the past and in the last century, but with the globalization of the automotive industry, there are no absolutes between factions anymore, American cars can also be fuel-efficient and can have handling, Japanese are not necessarily thin-skinned and crash-resistant, German are not all oil-burning...

3.Home: Sedan or SUV? 5 seat or 7 seat?

SUVs have really overshadowed sedans over the years, but each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. In general, for passability don't worry too much about handling or anything...

As for the war between 5 and 7 seats, the answer depends entirely on how often the owner is practical with the third row of seats, so if you use it less than 5 times a month, it's better not to dwell on it, right?

4.Wanted: $200,000 on the ground! No Japanese, no domestic, good handling, fuel efficient...

An "interesting" question indeed... It's just such an embarrassing question for the editor... Can the brother who asked the question not hurt each other in the future?

5.Maintenance: How to maintain your car in spring, summer, autumn and winter, wind, lightning, rain and snow?

Car maintenance is a big deal, different seasons, temperatures and climates can cause different problems for different types and brands of cars, and the answer often can't be different at one time, the matter is important to care about in general, not temporary mending.

6.Black technology: there is no blackest! Only darker?

2017 yearLab Q&A The list of black technologies dissected is endless, I'm sure readers with a reading habit already know this。 I just want to say., The black technology you care about isAutoLab headlines! If you want to know more, Why don't we go back and check it out?。

7.Car Culture: the most popular content for eldest car fans?

Regular car owners care about choosing a car, so what should seasoned enthusiasts look for? I personally think it has to be interesting car culture, such as the meaning of the badge, the history of the model, biographies of famous people or classic technology traced... Not only will this content enrich car knowledge, but it will also allow older drivers to accumulate after-dinner conversation.

8.The Gap: How should autonomous and joint venture brands position themselves as of the end of 2017?

The rapid growth of autonomous brands in 2017 is evident to all car people, not only from the "Made in China", but also the pressure brought by the joint venture brands! But truth be told, progress has been made, but it will still take time to surpass. We will still encourage and bring objective reviews about the independent brand models.

9.New energy: can it actually replace traditional fuel vehicles?

In addition to independent brands, another keyword in 2017 is "new energy"! China is one of the few countries with the greatest liberalization of new energy vehicles worldwide, and this has certainly boosted their growth!

I've also test driven a number of pure electric/electric hybrid models in 2017, and even a hydrogen fuel cell car not yet available in the country, and my personal conclusion is: don't turn down the trams, they're the future!

10.The future: self-driving? Artificial intelligence? Or more!

The way cars are powered by energy is still struggling with the best and the worst, but technology isn't stopping there! Throughout 2017, I've lost count of how many times I've heard about "autonomous driving" and how many "artificial intelligence" conferences I've attended...

It may be true that it's not far off that these unseen and untouchable technologies can land in production vehicles, and until then, the only thing we can do is prepare to usher in a change...

Lab Q&A annual summary: In my eyes., There is actually no standard or reference answer to every question, Who is not in a constant state of learning and awareness to find their own concept of what they think is right! look for a car、 car selection、 Knowing all about cars is。 May allAutoLab readers and friends to learn what they need in the new year,AutoLab We'll grow with you.! gratefulness!

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