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BAIC New Energy LITE receives Beijing self-driving road test license

The LITE driverless car is an L3-level self-driving mass-production model developed by BAIC New Energy based on Baidu's Apollo open technology platform. Distinguishing itself from the L1 level and some L2 level features in the vast majority of models on the market, the LITE's autonomous driving technology is actually somewhere between L3 and L4.

Recently, the LITE driverless car was officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show and successfully obtained a Beijing self-driving road test license, becoming the world's first L3 driverless new energy vehicle with road test qualification. BAIC New Energy has thus become the first vehicle manufacturer to receive an L3 driverless test license, which is another layout to explore the cutting-edge technology in the field of intelligent mobility, following the release of BAIC New Energy's Darwin system on April 25.

New energy breakthrough again, black technology leads to high level operation

The LITE driverless car is an L3-level self-driving mass-production model developed by BAIC New Energy based on Baidu's Apollo open technology platform. Unlike the vast majority of L1-level and some L2-level functions in the models on sale in the market, LITE's autonomous driving technology is actually between L3 and L4, with a number of functions such as automatic following, lane keeping, automatic lane changing, autonomous obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance, traffic light recognition, automatic vehicle finding, automatic vehicle finding parking space, etc., which to a certain extent can replace the driver in making judgments and executing them.

In other words, the driver in the driver's seat can be operated away from the steering wheel, following, overtaking, changing lanes, braking, stopping, the vehicle automatically find people, the vehicle automatically find a parking space, and even "stop at red lights and go at green lights", leave it to LITE can be very safe and sensitive.

New wisdom evolves again as LITE continues to explore technology upgrades

On April 25 at the Beijing Auto Show, BAIC New Energy unveiled the entire vehicle artificial intelligence system - "Darwin system" (Darwin system), which coalesces BAIC New Energy's continuous pursuit of technological innovation and in-depth understanding of user experience. As a new species of intelligence, LITE has been breaking through traditional automotive industry concepts since its inception, and its early exploration of artificial intelligence in the entire vehicle has provided an a priori technical reference for the birth of the Darwin system.

"The three main characteristics of the Darwin System, which are liberating, pleasurable and self-growing, are traced back to LITE in the following ways.

Driverless - freeing people

With the support of L3 level autonomous driving technology, LITE becomes a "mobile living space" in driverless mode, without the constraints of the steering wheel, the driver can chat and play games without worrying about driving safety.

Smart Interaction - Delighting People

The LITE features new smart internet technology with voice control, infotainment, smart navigation, driving assistant and other features. Say "Hello, Little Fox" to LITE and it will start up quickly and enable automatic navigation, adjust the interior temperature, search for music, find restaurants and other functions on demand for more convenience and driving pleasure.

Technology iteration - self-growth

LITE driverless vehicles licensed for road testing are required to install regulatory facilities and upload technical data once on the road to collect first-hand data that is more relevant to real life for the next technological evolution.

As the first pure electric vehicle with artificial intelligence in the A00 class market, the LITE driverless car has been granted a driverless road test license in Beijing, signifying that its comprehensive technical strength of intelligence, autonomous driving and electrification has been recognized, which also means that the L3 level driverless car is one step closer to real life and one step closer to the dream of "freeing the driver's hands".

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