BIM database wins cash gift new opportunities for building materials manufacturers

Are you in the building materials manufacturing industry? Do you have friends in the building materials manufacturing industry? Or do you have a relationship with the building materials manufacturing industry? Now you can receive cash prizes by following the "Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Products BIM Large Database" [Prize Activity], the first prize is RMB 8,888 in cash, and there is also a holiday trip to Gushui North Town. Event runs April - May 20, with winners announced on the 28th of each month!

[Prize Setting]

5 first prizes: $8,888

20 second prizes: Holiday trip to Gushui North Town

100 third prizes: 43" LCD TV

200 fourth prizes: air purifier

Fifth prize 300: Ultrasonic beauty device

Sixth Prize 500: Home Ultrasonic Humidifier

[Participation Method].

1、Login to the official website of "Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Products BIM Large Database" and click on "Prize Activity.

2、Follow "Guojianhechuang Technology" WeChat public number.

[Event participants].

1, you can be a senior person in the construction industry, such as designers, construction unit personnel, building materials business personnel ......

2、Or you just have friends who are engaged in building materials production related industries

3, or you are engaged in other industries other than construction, you can share to your circle of friends live recommended to your friends engaged in the product business, as long as the product business into the library successfully, you can receive the prize.

[BIM database background].

The "Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Products BIM Large Database" (referred to as "Housing and Urban-Rural Construction BIM Database") is a product BIM database sponsored by the Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and hosted by Beijing Guojian Rongke Hechuang Technology Co. The BIM database for housing and construction is divided into two parts: general model library and brand library. The general library (without enterprise parameter information and simple model) is used in the preliminary design stage, while the enterprise product library comes with various functional parameters and production enterprise information, which is convenient for construction, design, construction, consulting and other units to find and select product models when creating project BIM models, and can be widely used in various stages such as preliminary design, deepening design, product selection, bidding, costing, construction, acceptance and operation and maintenance.

What benefits can the "Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Products BIM Database" bring to enterprises? ]

1、Increase the reputation of the enterprise, enhance the visibility of the enterprise and establish the image of the enterprise industry.

2、Multi-channel promotion of enterprise products and provision of enterprise real product models for national architectural design institutes.

3、Convenient construction procurement unit directly looking for supply manufacturers products, enhance the sales of enterprise products.


The organizer of this event is the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Products BIM Large Database, and the organizer is Beijing Guojian Rongke Hechuang Technology Co.

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