BYD wins another sales title debuts driverless cloud rail Do you dare to ride it?

Recently, the annual sales reports of major car companies last year have been released, and according to the statistical report, China's new energy passenger car sales reached 98,366 units in December 2017, of which pure electric cars achieved a year-on-year growth rate of 132% and plug-in hybrids achieved a year-on-year growth rate of 134%. This is an increase of 18,000 units or 24.4% YoY compared to November. While a total of 560,000 new energy passenger cars were sold in 2017, BYD ranked first with 113,669 units, of which more than 50% of sales came from non-restricted cities, breaking not only the limitations of double-restricted cities, but also the limitations of local subsidies to promote the full popularity of new energy vehicles.

▲The 300,000th new energy vehicle rolled off the line

Since the official launch of the world's first mass-produced dual-mode electric vehicle, the F3 DM, in 2008, BYD has personally participated in and led the forward movement of China's new energy vehicle industry for more than 10 years. With its leading core technology, complete industrial chain and product layout, BYD has forged a strong competitive strength in the new energy field, and its position as a leader is becoming more and more solid. As the only Chinese automotive company that has mastered the manufacturing of new energy vehicle batteries, motors, electric controls and complete vehicles, BYD has been the top seller of new energy vehicles in China for three consecutive years.

January 9, Shenzhen, with a deep brown BYD Tang100 driving off the Pingshan base assembly line, BYD manufactured the 300,000th new energy vehicles off the line, in the fastest domestic reached 300,000 new energy vehicles production and sales scale of car companies, but also BYD new energy vehicle sales miracle and China's new energy vehicle market maturity and growth witness. But that only represents the past, and this year BYD plans to reach its goal of 200,000 new energy vehicle sales in just one year. And the global coverage of cities will be expanded to 400, while adding 30,000 charging facilities.

▲ Cloud Rail Driverless System

Along with the extraordinary achievements in new energy passenger cars, BYD's cloud rail technology has also made a major breakthrough. On January 10, BYD teamed up with Huawei to launch the world's first cloud rail driverless system, which has 100% independent intellectual property rights. On the day of the conference, a fully automatic driverless BYD cloud rail loaded with "passengers" from all over the country sailed through the air, marking the official opening of China's first driverless cross-seat monorail line, and BYD Yinchuan cloud rail became the world's first cross-seat monorail with 100% independent intellectual property rights driverless system.

Yinchuan Cloud Rail driverless system, scheduled to be put into trial operation in the second quarter of 2018. In the future, driverless systems, will be the high-tech staple of cloud rail. There are four levels of driverless, and BYD's driverless system has reached the highest level - fully automatic driverless (UTO), which can achieve fully automatic operation and also has a number of functions such as minimum safety tracking interval, power-off driverless, automatic diagnosis, hibernation wake-up, real-time monitoring of passenger flow, and face recognition. In the future, as cloud rails equipped with driverless systems will be in place around the world, more people will be able to ride them for convenient, smart and reliable travel services.

▲ Summary

This year, 2018, BYD has "turned 23 years old". In these 23 years, BYD has developed from a battery company to "the leader in new energy vehicles", "the pioneer of new energy total solutions, applying for more than 15,000 new energy technology patents", and an auto company invested by Warren Buffett, the "God of Stock", with exponential growth in sales performance known as "BYD Speed". BYD has also been adhering to the strategy of gathering global wisdom and casting international brands, continuously innovating and upgrading from R&D to manufacturing; It has set one benchmark after another in the field of new energy vehicle industry and will always lead China to dominate in the window of opportunity for new energy vehicle transformation in the future.

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