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Baidu Apollo at CESAsia, announces it will link up with BMW

13 June.

Baidu Apollo

The company is present at CES Asia and showcases the productization and mass production of the platform more than a year since its launch. It was also announced that Baidu will sign a contract with international car company BMW to cooperate around car-home connectivity and reach an in-depth cooperation with Byton based on Xiaodu in-car system. In addition, Baidu also said it will start a deeper and more comprehensive cooperation with Hyundai in the field of autonomous driving.

It is understood that Baidu officially announced the Apollo program in April 2017, which is the first system-level opening of the world's autonomous driving technology. In essence, Apollo is a complete open autonomous driving ecosystem that helps partners in the automotive industry and autonomous driving space combine vehicles and hardware systems to quickly build a complete autonomous driving system of their own. Previously, Baidu and Hyundai have worked together on CarLife, Baidu Map for Auto, DuerOS and autonomous driving. Baidu said the two companies will launch more production models with Apollo solutions for the market in the future.

The theme of Baidu Apollo Open Platform this year is "Mass Production". At the show, Baidu comprehensively showcased its progress in landing products in autonomous driving, connected cars and automotive safety. There were also demonstrations of mapping data products such as Intelligent Map and a transport robot built by Baidu Apollo-enabled start-up New Stone. In terms of vehicle safety, Baidu brings a new version of its Apollo vehicle safety black box. The black box can provide a complete data solution with a user-friendly interactive interface that allows decrypted reading of data to trace the cause of accidents and improve product quality.

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