Baidu, China Great Wall join hands to build autonomous and controllable AI platform to seize new AICITY lane

recently, Baidu and the Great Wall of China signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, Announcing the integration of Baidu AI and Big Data technologies、 Seamless integration of Great Wall's autonomous and controllable intelligent software and hardware platforms, Building the first independent and controllable artificial intelligence platform in China, And using next-generation artificial intelligence and big data technology, For a new generation of smart cities(AICITY) Delivering a new complete solution, Promoting industrial upgrading in key sectors。 Baidu and China Great Wall strategic cooperation signing ceremony both sides expect to build a global innovation network for artificial intelligence, Formation of China's artificial intelligence innovation and development plateau。 Empowering the digital economy, Delivering digital city solutions across generations, Leveraging the over trillion dollar market。 Building a new type of smart city(AI CITY) The development of autonomous and controllable smart cities has gone through several stages such as wireless cities sensing smart cities cognitive smart cities, Now moving towards an artificially intelligent city(AICITY) forward in the direction of。 Promoting the construction of a new type of smart city, It's the Party Central Committee.、 A major decision made by the State Council based on the current situation of the development of information technology and new urbanization in China。 (located) at“ the Internet+” Smart city construction in the context of the times is highly integrated with the Internet of Things、 cloud computing、 Many new forms of information technology such as big data, These are the foundations for making cities smart, It is a large and complex systems project。 nevertheless, increasingly complex information systems and the large number of“ cloud, object and big intelligence” The application of emerging technologies such as, Pose a huge challenge to smart city cybersecurity。 in a new situation, Developing an autonomous and controllable AI platform is crucial。 today's, Most intelligent information systems are not built with security operations centers, No real-time security monitoring of smart applications, Inability to keep abreast of the current state of urban cybersecurity and conduct situational assessments。 Once the cyber security protection is not effectively ensured in, May cause confusion in urban management functions、 Privacy information leakage、 Failure in emergency decision-making、 The high incidence of various accidents and even localized social unrest。 therefore, Preventing information security risks is an extremely important part of smart city construction。 present ., Governments at all levels will also consider information security as one of the important reference factors when selecting partners for smart city construction。 The problem of technology still needs to be solved by technological innovation, Baidu and the Great Wall of China are working together to build an autonomous and controllable artificial intelligence platform, which is a landmark attempt in the domestic autonomous and controllable field, Also BaiduAI Commercialization in the next generation of smart cities(AICITY) Key landing actions in the race track, Will drive the rapid application of artificial intelligence to all aspects of smart city construction。 combine soft and hard technologies, To build the first independent and controllable platform for the domestic smart city field, Baidu and the Great Wall of China are very important participants。 As domesticAI Leader, Baidu's“AI City Brain”、“ Intelligent Perception Platform”、AI Development platforms and other technologies and platform building are ahead ofAI Industry Frontiers, Meanwhile Baidu has formed a completeAI disposition, and with partners、 Developer sharingAI ability。 On the construction of smart cities, Baidu has been in Yangquan、 Ningbo and other cities reach strategic cooperation with local governments, Building the city brain, Rich technical accumulation and industry experience。 As a key partner of Baidu, China Great Wall is the benchmark company in the domestic market of autonomous controllable area, Core business covers autonomous and controlled critical infrastructure and solutions、 Military electronics、 Important industry information and other fields, is able to do it from the chip、 Machine、 operating system、 Middleware、 database、 A listed company with a complete product line that is fully independent and controllable in all aspects of computer information technology, from security products to application systems, Mastering many core technologies for autonomous control and information security, In the military defence、 Deep industry understanding in key areas such as party politics and key industries、 Extensive service experience、 Stable and good cooperation。 In cooperation, China Great Wall provides cloud data center infrastructure, Appropriate technical and integrated services, Autonomous and controlled hardware and software platform。 In a new smart city(AICITY) field, Baidu and China Great Wall to use next-generation AI and big data technology, Deeper into transportation、 Smart Government、 safe city、 Four Smart City Sections for Benefit Services, A new package of solutions for traditional smart cities, assistance“ Smart City Construction” Drive digital government in local cities、 Improvement of comprehensive management capabilities such as urban management, Promoting industrial upgrading in key sectors, The construction of autonomous and controllable artificial intelligence platforms will empower all walks of life, For the industry to explore the development of artificial intelligence and landing applications play a role in the demonstration。 even“ wisdom” cooperate, Do your best, Baidu's partnership with the Great Wall of China marks the first entry of artificial intelligence into the domestic autonomous and controllable sector, It is China's self-research in the field of autonomous control、 self-produced、 Another major breakthrough in self-build。 ahead, Both parties will further deepen their cooperation, Breakthrough foreign technology system, For a new generation of smart cities(AICITY) Build intelligent security lines, Win the battle of modern urban security。( China Net)

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