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Baidu blockchain: what's a Leitz dog?

The block concept chain has been a big hit recently, with major Internet companies such as NetEase, Baidu and Cool Me launching blockchain games. So what exactly is Baidu's recently launched Letz Dog blockchain game?

Seeing the model of Letz Dogs, we had to think of Crypto kitties, a virtual pet raising community game abroad. Players buy virtual cats on the blockchain and have them breed with each other or with other players' cats, whose genes can be passed on to the next generation based on certain algorithms. Judging from the current model of Baidu Letz Dog, it should be copied from this foreign game.

According to overseas platform Bitgame, the number of Crypto Kitties players reached 40,000 as of January 1, 2018, and the amount of transactions therein translates to RMB 270 million. And on December 11, 2017, that number was still just $12 million, or $77.97 million. It is evident that this game has indeed become a new riser in the entire gaming market.

Of course, virtual currency trading is quite sensitive in China, and you can see that the Letz Dog structure is conservative its features are not game-like enough, and no trading or cashing features have been introduced for the time being. As for what Letz Dog does, a subsequent article will cover that. The key thing now is to find a way to earn points.

As we can see from the official announcement, a follow up breeding feature is coming soon! So, keep as many dogs with high rare attributes in your hand as possible!


Uniqueness, each digital pet dog cannot be copied and cannot be modified or destroyed.

In fact, this Leitz Dog is the equivalent of the Bitcoin prototype, and picking up a Leitz Dog is mining. Because the platform has just gone live now, Letz Dog is better at accumulating, the same way Bitcoin was when it first launched. From a blockchain perspective, it means that each transaction will form a block and then notify each account to keep track of it, but it's unclear whether Baidu Blockchain is really decentralizing transactions with blockchain technology for now, but this is not a key issue for players.

2.Rare Rating

Common, Rare, Exceptional, Epic, Mythic, Legendary. Letz Dogs have eight exterior traits, each with two different attributes: the Rare attribute and the Normal attribute. These attributes combine to determine the final attributes of the dog.

The higher the rarity level, the better of course, but what attributes are worth the money is, to be honest, still up to the dealer. Smaller players remember one thing, keep the high level ones and just use the regular Letts Dogs to trade for micro points.

3.differentiation and integration

Users can earn micro-credits through Baidu-owned apps or by participating in events or daily check-ins. Microcumulative acts as a currency in dog market transactions.

This calculus is actually the virtual value of Bitcoin, and there is no official equivalent to redeem the points, meaning that the calculus currently has no real value. Of course, it's not that officials won't, it's just that regulation hasn't caught up.

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