Baidu builds win-win content ecology

A few days ago, Baidu officially announced a new upgrade strategy for its content ecology with the "Search + Information Flow" dual engine as the core driver, and the Baidu Xiongpao, which has been in internal testing for several months, was also unveiled and officially launched. On the same day, Baidu Senior Vice President Xiang Hailong said that Baidu is empowering content and service providers through its "Search + Information Flow" dual engine and "Baijia No. + Xiongpao No." dual brand content platform, creating a new information distribution model and leading a win-win content ecology in the intelligent era. He said that today Baidu's mobile ecology is a "two-way" user ecology, and that Baidu will start from the most fundamental needs and experiences of users and pay attention to whether each individual's needs are met. In the process of traffic importation, by building a new mechanism to establish a two-way interaction model between content providers and users, it helps users get their favorite content and updates more conveniently and continuously, and also helps content providers precipitate more loyal users. At the same time, Xiongpao and Bajia carry massive amounts of high-quality content, which can be distributed efficiently through mobile search products and information flow products respectively, allowing the best quality content to reach the most appropriate and truly needy users. In addition, the opening of the platform between Xiongpao and Bajia allows content and service providers to use the dual platform functions at the same time, thus gaining double benefits. The industry believes that as the Internet enters the era of artificial intelligence, users' personalized needs for information are becoming richer and more diverse, and Baidu's understanding of user needs is more in-depth and thorough than ever based on its advanced artificial intelligence technology and massive data deposits. The positive signals released by Baidu's layout of the content ecology have also injected a steady stream of power into the content industry.

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