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Basic HTML syntax

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Text and Paragraphs

edit text

Text is the foundation of a web page, This can be done byHTML Some of the tags in the formatting of text, The prerequisite is that the text that you want to display in the page must be added to the<body>……</body> among。

After adding text to a web page, you often need to do some formatting operations on it, such as changing the font, color, size, etc. of the text. This is something that can be used to define the text formatting using the font attribute, the

The basic syntax is.

<font face=" " size=" " color=" " >……</font>

Among them, face is used to define the font, you can define multiple fonts for the face property at one time, separated by ",", the browser then read the font, if the first font does not exist in the system, it will display the second font, if the second font also does not exist, it will display the third font, and so on; size property is used to define the text size, the values are +1 to +7, -1 to -7; color is used to define the font color, its value is the color of the English word or hexadecimal number.

In addition, there are several properties that modify the formatting of text.

<b>……</b> Bolded text display;

<i>……</i> Text in italics;

<u>……</u> Adding underline to text;

<del>……</del> Adding strikethrough to text;

<sup>……</sup> Make text appear in superscript format, If the code segmentx<sup>2</sup>-3x+2=0 The display results forX2-3x+2=0;

<sub>……</sub> Make text display in subscript format, used in the same way as<sub> properties。

paragraph format

paragraph marker: Carriage returns and spaces entered manually in a text editor are usuallyHTML neglect, That's why paragraphs in web pages are usually written in<p>……</p> to format。 due to<p> Text of the attribute tag, Represents the same paragraph, Spacing between paragraphs is equal to adding two consecutive line breaks, So for distinguishing different paragraphs of text。

Horizontal divider:<hr size=" " width=" " height=" " color="" align=" > Note that this is a single marker.!width Indicates the width of the horizontal line, Its value can be a percentage, It can also be expressed in pixels, but highlysize Can only be expressed in pixels;align for horizontal line alignment, have a value ofleft( be in the left)、center( centering)、right( be in the right);noshade Indicates that the horizontal line does not appear as a shadow effect, The default is for a shadow effect to appear;

Other markers.

<br> line break marker, Note the single marker;

<&nbsp> blank space, Also single marker;

<center>……</center> is the centering of paragraph text in a web page, It is also possible to center elements in a page such as images;

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