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Batch image compression software

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This time we are going to introduce a software for batch compression of images

Of course it can compress more than just images

Can also compress html/css/js

The name of the software is "Hummingbird".

Github address.

You can download it directly from the author's web site

After downloading as

Just open the exe file directly

The interface is also very simple

It's not complicated to set up.

It's simple and brutal to use

Just drag the files to be compressed over

Can be single file or multiple files

Drag and drop in and start processing

One advantage is that the original file will be replaced automatically

Then create a new source folder in the source directory

Save the compressed original file

This is something I think is more convenient

When the compression is complete, it will show how much space has been compressed

In terms of compression quality

Can't say it's great.

But it's enough. The point is to save time and effort

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