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"Beijing 8 Minutes' artificial intelligence creates the biggest suspense

PYEONGCHANG, Feb. 24 (Xinhua) -- What kind of "Beijing 8 Minutes" will Beijing offer at the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics on Feb. 25? The performance will be done by artificial intelligence and actors together, and will also interact with the country through the Internet to show the theme of the Chinese people welcoming friends from all over the world to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, general director Zhang Yimou said at a briefing at the event's main press center on 24.

The theme of the 8-minute performance is to welcome friends from all over the world to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, expressing the mood and enthusiasm of welcome," said Zhang Yimou. The performance is interpreted through a modern approach with two features, one being the involvement of artificial intelligence, where the AI and the actors come together to complete the performance. Secondly, there is an interaction with Chinese people through the Internet, where people can participate in the show in some way, which means that the pictures and avatars of some of the people involved in the show tomorrow night (25th) will appear in Pyeongchang. As of today (24th), 60 million people have participated and people have come to PyeongChang by saying see you in Beijing 2022 this way. "

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee launched the "Winter Olympics with me" interactive new media campaign during the Spring Festival. We want to deliver two key messages," said Chang Yu, head of the press and publicity department of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee. "The first is to extend an invitation to the world, inviting everyone to participate in and follow the Beijing Winter Olympics. The second is to present the image of China in the new era to the world. "

Zhang Yimou, who is directing the "Beijing 8 Minutes" for the second time after the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics, believes that the performance will be different from what everyone expected. "We tried to make every second as perfect as possible, and this time there were not so many people, not such a big venue, and the beautiful colors and unique taste of Chinese culture that people wanted to see would still be there. But this time there will be a new feel to the show, especially with the AI playing off each other, which is still unique. "

Zhang Yimou explained that he received the assignment about a year ago, the final program was formed four months ago, and the performance took more than two months of rehearsal time. We think all ready to go, we're just a little concerned about the weather," he said. "

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