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Introduction of Graduate Disciplines in the Department of Informatics, Beijing Institute of Technology

School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The School of Automation was founded in 1960, and its predecessor was the Department of Electrical Engineering. The existing undergraduate major of automation is a brand major in Beijing, which includes two training directions of industrial process control and robotics engineering. The College has one primary discipline doctoral program, one postdoctoral research station, one primary discipline master's program, four secondary discipline master's programs, and one Beijing key construction discipline, which occupies an important position and has wide influence among similar disciplines in China.

For many years, the college has been developing talents training and scientific research in the fields of artificial intelligence, industrial process control, robotics engineering, signal detection and processing, etc. around the automation profession, and has accumulated rich experience in teaching and educating people in the training of innovative talents and engineering application-oriented talents.

The College has one Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education for Digital Communities and one National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, and has won one National Teaching Achievement Award of the Second Class and two Provincial Teaching Achievement Awards. In the past three years, the students have achieved excellent results in national and provincial student science and technology competitions, such as the National Student Electronic Design Competition, China Robotics Competition and RoboCup Open Competition, Freescale Cup National Student Smart Car Competition, Challenge Cup, International and Domestic Mathematical Modeling Competition, Embedded System Design Competition, Computer Simulation Competition, Robot Soccer Competition, and Student Extracurricular Science and Technology Works Competition, etc. More than 100 students have been awarded with provincial-level or above subject competitions. The graduates produced by the college are highly adaptable to the fields of artificial intelligence, automatic control, robotics engineering, and computers, and are generally welcomed by the society.

Introduction to the subject


Control Science and Engineering

(Professional code: 081100)

Training objectives.

The students are trained to uphold the basic line and policies of the Party, love the motherland, and abide by the law; to have good professional ethics and a scientific and pragmatic work style; to be of good moral character, well-rounded, and physically and mentally healthy; to master the solid and broad basic theories and systematic and in-depth expertise in control theory and system design, intelligent robotics, intelligent perception and autonomous monitoring, system modeling, control and decision-making, intelligent information processing and pattern recognition; to be able to independently engage in scientific research and specialized technical work in this field, and to achieve innovative results; to have an international perspective and to be able to conduct international academic exchanges more skillfully.

Research interests.

1. Control theory and system design

2. Intelligent robots

3. Intelligent sensing and autonomous monitoring

4. System Modeling, Control and Decision Making

5. Intelligent Information Processing and Pattern Recognition

Duration of studies and years of study.

Full-time master's degree students (including directed training) are enrolled for three years, and may graduate up to 0.5 years earlier (requiring student application and strict approval), with a maximum of four years of study (including suspension).


control engineering

(Professional code: 085210)

Training objectives.

Cultivate support for the Party's basic line and policies、 love one's country、 abide by the law and observe the rules; Good work ethics and professionalism, and scientific rigor and realism、 A realistic and pragmatic learning attitude and work style; grasp at control engineering Strong technical foundation and systematic expertise in relevant fields, Creative spirit, Can apply information、 control、 calculators、 communications、 transport、 Technical solutions such as vehicles control engineering Practical issues in the field, or related issues in the industrial and mining enterprises and engineering and construction sectors, with applied technology research and independent control engineering Capacity for technical work, solid foundation、 Comprehensive quality、 High-level application-oriented with strong practical skills and a certain degree of innovation、 Complex specialists。

Research interests.

1. Automation device and system design

2. Intelligent robots technical

3. Data acquisition and intelligent monitoring technology

4. Virtual Reality and Intelligent Systems

5. Information Management System

Duration of studies and years of study.

The full-time Master of Engineering is a three-year program with a three-year study period and a maximum of four academic years (including breaks).

The part-time master's degree program is the same as full-time, with a maximum of five years of study (including breaks).

2018 Enrollment Overview

Proposed 2019 enrollment numbers are based on the 2019 prospectus

Contact information.

Department of Informatics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Office of International Cooperation and Foreign Admissions

Admissions Hotline.


Beijing University of Technology, No. 100 Pinglan, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Office 117, Software Building

Web address.

For more information, please follow the WeChat BIT Informatics Admissions Office.

Source | Beijing Institute of Technology, Faculty of Informatics Admissions Office

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