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Beijing Net Office ordered Weibo, Baidu to shut down accounts speculating on celebrity gossip, etc

(CNN) Feb. 2 - The Beijing Internet Information Office released news tonight on its official WeChat public number that on Feb. 2, in accordance with the requirements of the State Internet Information Office and six other ministries and commissions to jointly rectify the speculation of celebrity gossip and privacy and entertainment gossip, the Beijing Internet Information Office ordered Weibo to permanently shut down eight microblogging accounts such as Entertainment Ji Xiaodian (600,000 fans), Xiang Entertainment Da Shuai (9540 fans) and Entertainment Ji Xiaojia (14947 fans), and Baidu to permanently shut down Baidu's Baijia number such as "All Star News Agency" and "Star Scout Demon".

The Beijing Internet Information Office pointed out that the Network Security Law of the People's Republic of China, implemented on June 1, 2017, stipulates that no individual or organization shall use the network to engage in activities that infringe upon the reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights and other legitimate rights and interests of others, and that network operators shall strengthen the management of information posted by their users, and when they discover information that is prohibited from being posted or transmitted by laws or administrative regulations, they shall immediately stop transmitting the information, take disposal measures such as elimination, prevent the spread of the information, keep relevant records, and report to the relevant competent authorities. Article 3 of the Regulations on the Administration of Internet News and Information Services (Decree No. 1 of the State Internet Information Office) stipulates that: "The provision of Internet news and information services shall comply with the Constitution, laws and administrative regulations, adhere to the direction of serving the people and socialism, adhere to the correct orientation of public opinion, play the role of supervision of public opinion, promote the formation of a positive, healthy and upward-looking Internet culture, and safeguard national interests and public interests. "According to the above-mentioned provisions, websites should effectively fulfill their main responsibilities, strengthen the management of platform accounts, curb the trend of chasing and speculating on vulgarity, and create a clear cyberspace.

The Beijing Municipal Internet Information Office requires all websites to effectively fulfill their main responsibilities, strengthen the management of user accounts, actively spread the core socialist values, adhere to the law and run the network, and actively create a clear and transparent cyberspace.

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