Beijing announces "road test rules" for self-driving vehicles

Beijing has made it clear that self-driving vehicles can be tested on the roads in Beijing. The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport on the 6th, the relevant departments recently issued the "Beijing automatic driving vehicle road test capability assessment content and methods (for trial)" and "Beijing automatic driving vehicle closed test site technical requirements (for trial)", clear automatic driving vehicle "road test rules".

The assessment includes dynamic driving ability, cognitive and traffic regulation compliance, executive ability, emergency response and manual intervention, integrated driving ability, and assessment of networked driving ability.

The assessment of driving behavior includes perception of the surrounding environment, autonomous lateral and vertical vehicle maneuvering, and alerting neighboring traffic participants through human-perceivable means.

The assessor will conduct the assessment at a closed test site with assessment capability based on the model of the autonomous vehicle and the level of assessment classification applied for.

The assessment method requires that autonomous vehicles be able to recognize the hand signals of traffic controllers and be able to drive according to them. When making a U-turn on a narrow road, vehicles are required to travel no more than three in and two out and have a running time of no more than five minutes.

In the event of a malfunction or other situation that cannot be handled, autonomous vehicles need to alert the driver in a human-perceivable way. Manual intervention should not take more than one minute, and stopping in an emergency should take no more than two seconds.

Autonomous vehicles also need to be capable of driving in extreme weather and on special roads, such as rainy roads, foggy roads, slippery roads, spilled roads, etc.

Under the assessment scheme, there are certain situations in which an autonomous vehicle may be subject to a "no vote". For example: the vehicle slips back more than 30 cm when starting; A traffic accident; (b) Jostling for traffic and obstructing the normal movement of other vehicles; The road test was not passed in nearly 30 cases, including failure to maintain a safe distance and safe speed while driving.

Earlier, the person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport revealed that the first driverless test road will be located in Yizhuang. Parts of Yizhuang will be modified so that the road can interact with self-driving vehicles.

In December 2017, Beijing passed a document clarifying the method of traffic accident determination during the test: test units are required to purchase traffic accident liability insurance or an indemnity bond. If an accident occurs during the test vehicle, it will be handled in accordance with the current road safety law and related regulations, and the test driver will bear the relevant legal responsibility.

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