Beijing expected to operate self-driving buses on a pilot basis in 2022

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Yesterday, Beijing Bus Group announced the introduction of Mobileye's active safety warning system and autonomous driving solution. The active safety warning system can warn bus drivers of lane violations and speeding. Some of the city's suburban lines are currently equipped with the system, and the application will continue to be expanded and gradually extended to ordinary lines in the future. It is expected that in 2022, BTSG will select some safe roads for road testing of self-driving vehicles.

Xu Zhengxiang, head of Beijing Bus Group's Strategy and Reform and Development Department, said that since 2017, Beijing Bus has been promoting the installation of active safety warning systems on suburban routes on a pilot basis, which has six major assisted driving functions: pedestrian collision warning, high-speed vehicle collision warning, low-speed vehicle collision warning, virtual bumper warning, lane departure warning and safe distance warning.

The system has now been installed on some bus routes on suburban highways, and through more than a year of data monitoring it has been found that the incidence of bus accidents has been significantly reduced due to advance warning of possible accident hazards. The Bus Group will continue to expand the application of the system and gradually extend it to general routes.

According to reports, the system has been included in the procurement of new buses as standard, with the gradual renewal of vehicles, all future bus line vehicles will be equipped with the system. Xu Zhengxiang introduced the active safety warning system will effectively improve the safety level of the bus, reduce the driver's workload, and lay the foundation for the gradual promotion of automatic driving technology. Because buses have fixed routes with defined stops and arrival times, they are particularly well suited to the promotion of automated driving technology. Beijing Public Transport is expected to introduce L4 level self-driving technology by 2022. This technology can be described as truly autonomous, without the driver taking over at any time or requiring driver intervention. However, according to the relevant regulations of Beijing's autonomous driving, during the road test, the vehicle is "manned", and in special or emergency situations, there should be a driver for emergency handling.

Article Source Beijing Daily / By Sun Hongyang

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