cool hit counter Big data, cloud computing, smart home, artificial intelligence must learn these basics to keep up: technology is not guilty_Intefrankly

Big data, cloud computing, smart home, artificial intelligence must learn these basics to keep up: technology is not guilty

Hello everyone, yesterday has told you about the simplest settings of the router, many of you will already know, today I want to give you feedback on some small problems of friends, you should also take a good look at Oh! I will update the more advanced technical tutorials, later I will update the smart home, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, strong and weak electricity, network communications, website production, game set-up ..... Everyone is not feel the small editor bragging, we are assured to pay attention to good, small editor 15 years of these areas of technical origin, will certainly bring you more cutting-edge technology, but ten thousand feet high building from the ground these few issues we start with the basics, these issues will certainly update how to set up and recognize the network basic communication knowledge.

Let's start looking at what our friends said in the last issue, and let's draw reps to address.

It is a known superior WIFI SSID (that is, the name) and password, and then to bridge the other signal to another router, this skill we learn good quite useful Oh, if your own home living room installed a router, due to the house large floor more signal is not good enough, they use this skill to increase a router to expand the enhanced signal, but above a friend said to crack someone else's dilly-dallying, this I do not recommend Oh! Oh here I will not say first, interested in teaching attack and defense techniques later (that is, cracking and preventing cracking), well on this issue, according to different routers we set on different general on the following.

1, WDS mode (relay mode) General old routers and TP-LINK Mercury, FAST .... The router is also more common, I do not recommend the mode, but some routes do not have a bridge mode can only use this, but it does not matter, this mode of setting, first we must know the network segment of the parent route, do not know friends look at the tutorial I sent yesterday to know, example: the known network segment of the parent route: gateway That we start to enter our own route, first do not relay, first set our LAN (local connection or LAN) and our DHCP server (automatically obtain IP server)

The above is set up, set up WDS (relay mode) according to the following picture Click search or scan to the upper level SSID Enter the password of the upper level router, and then the channel is this little thing set up very little like, because the channel general people router is no fixed channel, usually automatic, and then he will be old change, once again the following route is not connected, so it is recommended that the upper level route fixed a channel, if the upper level route into that can not access the Internet Login to the router to modify the next channel, what is the channel thing? I'll tell you later.

2, Bridge (Bridge mode) recommended mode, now the general new router is this mode, this mode is not so troublesome to set up, directly into the router, click on the wireless bridge (not wireless WDS ah) with the above, directly scan the superior route SSID Enter the account number and password directly to save it OK

One more thing set the LAN (local network) to auto

3, there is another kind is called automatic reading recognition mode, is bound to the hardware, this is generally the telecom level, this I will not speak

Well today is here, like to learn technology attention under the editor, the next period is free to talk to you about how to get to the router password, router other related settings and security and health, related to our lives, welcome the following comments, follow up to solve all kinds of problems in the field of failure of the editor, thank you.

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