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"Big data" to help Yuxi investigate and replace 238 million yuan of taxes

Reporter Yu Hong Correspondent Li Xiaolan

Yuxi City "big data" application to support the common governance of taxation has achieved remarkable results. Since this year, Yuxi Municipal State Tax Bureau and Local Tax Bureau have applied 74,809 pieces of information from the "big data" to the front line of collection and management, and a total of 238 million yuan of tax was investigated and replaced.

The person in charge of the collection management department of Yuxi Municipal Bureau of Internal Revenue introduced that last year, in accordance with the arrangements and deployment of the provincial and municipal tax collection and management guarantee implementation plan, Yuxi built a data resource sharing platform for tax collection and management guarantee, but it is not enough to rely only on the data within the fiscal and taxation system. In May this year, the platform was integrated into the city's unified sharing and exchange of information resources "big platform", truly realizing the "source of living water".

According to the report, by exploring the "1+X" taxation co-management model of taxation authorities + collaborating units, Yuxi taxation department and 39 tax-related units have established a shared exchange relationship and acquired 3.25 million pieces of data.

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