Big data to help intelligent cultural tourism sixth online business conference officially opens after tomorrow

From November 15 to 16, the 6th Global Tourism Network Operators Cooperation and Exchange Conference, hosted by Chengdu People's Government and Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, will be held in Dujiangyan City. It is understood that there are many highlights and attractions to look forward to at this year's conference site.

Integration of high technology into the General Assembly

According to the organizers, holographic projection technology, which is known for its immersive experience, will be used in the welcome dinner and opening ceremony of the conference. The content of the holographic screen is based on Chinese style, while interspersed with technological elements, using ink dyeing, flowing light and other quality performance techniques to show the beautiful landscape of Dujiangyan in front of everyone in a high-tech form, creating a new experience of immersion in the scene and attention.

In order to ensure the communication and interaction between domestic and foreign guests, this year's online business conference adopts the "double translation combination" of Wisdom Technology + human simultaneous interpretation to ensure the smooth communication between domestic and foreign guests at the conference. Among them, the Smart Listening technology is an AI (artificial intelligence) speech recognition technology based on deep learning theory, which can realize a variety of functions such as live simultaneous interpretation and real-time speech to text. Compared with the Smart Listening technology, the live real-time translation of human simultaneous interpretation is more "human", this pair of technology + humanities will certainly add a lot of color to the conference.

The organizers have also put in a lot of effort in terms of pre-conference check-in. The introduction of a facial recognition system, supplemented by WeChat sweep code sign-in entry, enhances security while reducing the manual identity verification process, making the entry of guests participating in this conference smoother and more efficient.

Intelligent cultural tourism products live experience

At the conference site, in order to make it easier and faster for the people on site to experience the application of new tourism technology, the site is dedicated to building a pavilion of intelligent tourism products with the case of Dujiangyan City's intelligent tourism-related products. It also set up a platform for tourism cities and famous scenic spots, cultural and creative enterprises, tourism-related high-tech enterprises, etc., providing a platform for guests to showcase and exchange ideas on site. The exhibition has a special AR exhibition hall, allowing attendees to experience the integration of cultural and tourism products, experience cutting-edge high technology, and understand the innovative development of the industry's intelligent cultural and tourism industry ecosystem.

Big data to help tourism development

The conference also features Mr. Shi Yong, Counsellor of the State Council, Academician of the Academy of Sciences for Developing Countries, and President of the Tianfu International Institute of Strategy and Technology for Big Data, who will share "Big Data Analytics and Smart Tourism". Nowadays, big data is more and more widely used in all walks of life, how to effectively interact between big data and intelligent tourism, the site of the online business conference will tell you the answer. In addition, Dr. Jie Cheng, founder of gausscode and doctor of computer artificial intelligence at the University of Michigan, will present "Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Sichuan Tourism Empowerment", a keynote speech tailored to Sichuan tourism that will give you an idea of what big data can bring to Sichuan tourism. If you are interested in technology, I believe the sharing from Google China's General Manager of Industry Brand Wee, "Future Trends in Travel Big Data and Technology Innovation" will take you deep into the relationship between travel big data and technology innovation, where you can learn about cross-industry trends and dynamics.

In addition, Mr. Luo Jun, the founder and CEO of Tujia, will share information about the relationship between the sharing economy and the development of regional tourism; Mr. Shen Hongjun, the head of digital network construction from the Forbidden City, will share information about the information construction of the digital Forbidden City; there will be dozens of heavyweights from home and abroad sharing information about topics related to intelligent cultural tourism, and experiencing the latest technology and culture brought by researchers standing at the top of science and technology.

This will be a cultural tourism and technology exchange event, let's look forward to the "Different China Dujiangyan" on November 15!

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