Big names gather at NextWorld2017 New Eco Future Summit an industry event not to be missed

nextWorld 2017 New Eco Future Summit and Annual Style Awards Gala will be held on January 18, 2018 at the Millennium Hotel in Beijing. The summit event will focus on the industry's four most popular themes and gather strong resources to create an authoritative annual industry selection. Registration for the offline event is now open, and you can register for the event through the official website of "Seven Mac Data". The 2017 herd, success or failure, will be a thing of the past. In this era of continuous change and innovation, seize the opportunity to better grasp the future; do not forget the original intention, adhere to quality, in order to play excellence to promote the development of the industry. The experience accumulated in 2017, we share together; the trends foreseen in 2018, we deliberate together.

Insight into the future Focus on industry trends and developments The summit is an initiative of Seven Mac Data, With Innovation Works、 Qingke Group、 Co-sponsored by Pinto Group, investment community、 billionaire power、 Mustang Finance (UKSE)、 Co-organized by Zhongguancun Entrepreneurial Living Room。 at the same time, Summit Joint Spectrum Time、 streetcar、 activity line and100+ Partner Brands Support, The most anticipated branding event。 The summit will bring together industry leaders from40+ Heavyweight guests、1000+ Entrepreneurial elite, comprise“ artificial intelligence (AI)、 mobile application、 new media、 applet” Four Hot Areas, On the most current products in the industry、 Technology and application trends unleash a meeting of minds。 Four big names in the field Talking about new opportunities for the future Artificial intelligence drives new opportunities for entrepreneurs to change the world, This year's summit will focus on opening up the international perspective of domestic Internet entrepreneurs, Invitation to Innovation WorksAI engineering academy、 Kisawa Capital、 Harnessing the power of technology、TheONE Pioneering companies such as Smart Piano attend the conference, New scenarios for artificial intelligence, Sharing new developments and trends。 In the new media environment, How entrepreneurs should attract new attention, The summit featured guests from Blue Haven Pictures、 Can be a mutual entertainment、 microcast easily、 The heavyweight guests from companies such as Xinli Youxiang and others discuss with everyone in the age of artificial intelligence, new technologies、 New thinking gives value and meaning to pan-entertainment and new media。 Challenges and opportunities coexist, How to Break Out of the Mobile Internet Scramble, Summit invites from Qingke Ventures for new mobile internet ecology、 Pinto Group、 microcar、Wake and other business executives share how the future of mobile internet will evolve, How entrepreneurs should adapt to the changes brought about by industry disruption。 Applets as a new technology derived, will certainly drive a new ecology of business, this yearnextWorld2017 Invite the most beautiful apps for the small app space、 Newseum、 lightning rodeo、SEE Small electric shop and other business executives share the ecological layout of small programs in various fields, The business environment for small programs。 The power of role models Witness the corporate glory together this year“NextWorld2017 Style of the Year Award” set up specially、『 Most Stylish of the YearApp』、『 Most Stylish App of the Year』、『 Most Stylish Public Website of the Year』 Awards in three main categories, Designed to stimulate innovation in all aspects of business development, Also recognizes the continuous pursuit of excellence at the development level、 A new eco-excellent product seeking a breakthrough。 Hundreds of companies have already had their products shortlistedNextWorld2017 Style of the Year Award, The results will take into account the overall performance of the company throughout the year as well as the votes of the entire network of users、 Selected by a jury of experts from professional institutions。 The awards will eventually be presented at the“NextWorld2017 New Eco-Future Summit and Annual Style Awards Gala” become known in, Award-winning products will serve as industry role models, Featured in Times Square, New York+ Large screens in four cities nationwide, and was jointly reported by hundreds of domestic and international media and100 10,000 media exposure opportunities。 From now on, it can be accessed through the seven-wheat data website、 The activity line platform participates in offline registration, Witness the glory days of award-winning companies with internet giants。

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